Do you play execution

(Cgz27) #21

It is still a decent game mode that gives more than just at least 1k credits.

You had more time to interact with the players in between and during rounds.

There were fun people who still played, especially high lvl’d players who obviously were just taking a load-off and even lower players could get their questions answered about the game.

It was a nice chance to take a break from Obj/Stopwatch and relax.

It does remind you of CS:GO etc. but it was still Dirty Bomb c’mon people have you even given it a fair chance instead of writing it off as “another demolition clone”?

I really felt it deserved one more map and it would have been perfect to just stop development from there, if there was an execution event I would have loved to see how much more fun the games could have been.

As a side, I am a 70% ranked player nowadays maybe 15% Obj/Stop (I’m kinda taking a break atm) but I always enjoyed what little time I put into Execution.

The different people I encountered was also enjoyable, some of the players looked really damn good at Execution (knowing trick jumps and just general mechanics) so I was impressed at their dedication.

I rarely played for the missions (usually just play like 2-3 games of exe at the end of the day) I literally just delete the mission when I see 500 for Execution lmao

For me, I think I would just be OK with it gone since I still enjoy the game regardless but I feel that the value of Execution may have been unfairly under looked. I honestly feel bad about those who actually who care a lot more than Execution than I do.
It would have been nice if they had something to replace it soon instead of just forcing us to play only Obj/Stopwatch (well I’m playing Lawbreakers and testing other games atm anyway).