DLC for Dirty Bomb

(sw3en3y) #1

have just downloaded Dirty Bomb from Steam and noticed £80 worth of starter packs do you really need these to enjoy the game?

(JackPipsam) #2

No, you can play the entire thing for free.

I bought one of the starter packs ($25 I think?) just to throw some support the way of the devs, but I didn’t feel forced to buy any of them.

(tokamak) #3

All maps are free and each week there’s a new rotation of free mercs to play.

The Dirty Bomb bundles vary greatly in cost per value. Hardcore fans probably buy the whole lot but someone starting out may want to take more care. The promotional events that happen regularly are often far more lucrative. If you’re not sure about the game it’s better to just go for specific mercs you’re really into. Even grey cards are okay to play with as a beginner is unlikely to be able to optimise the extra perks of a cobalt card anyway.

(Nail) #4

there are no “extra” perks for Cobalt, all augments are available at Bronze level