Dirty Bomb: Technical 'Pro Tips'

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This thread is put together to disseminate knowledge people have when it comes to workarounds for issues or general tweaks players tend to make.

We realise much of our closed alpha player base will likely be more familiar with other game engines than UE3. By knowing what people want to fiddle with, we can prioritise what fixes we want to make and what settings we should add to the menus :slight_smile:

Pro Tips

Access the console by pressing ‘Home’
This brings up a single line console rather than the full thing. It also allows you to tab out commands.

Useful Console Commands
Many of these can be set in the menus, but also via the console. The caveat is that settings changed via the console are not always saved to player profiles.

setres 1680x1050f
This changes screen resolution. Use w for windowed, and f for fullscreen.
It’s particularly useful if you alt-tab a lot, since this works around the fullscreen-minimap issue.

setsensitivity 5.5
Changes mouse sensitivity, fairly self explanatory.
We’ll be updating the menus to have a text entry box at some point.

fov 90
Changes screen fov. It will be clamped between 70 and 110 degrees.

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This is a test, test, test, test & test post :slight_smile:

(murka) #3


24.05.13 Added image for cleaned IFF hud
	 20076 added 2 new IFF objects
11.05.13 Altered IFF suggestions a bit
10.05.13 Added IFF settings under HUD
09.05.13 New example HUD and some info about attaching HUD elements to each other.
07.05.13 Added fov while sprinting and class selection skip vars
06.02.13 An attempt was made in making this post easier to read
24.01.13 Added text-to-speech variable.
	 Listed SetBind console command.
	 Minimap rotation no longer useful as it's in the menu.
11.01.13 Added CarryableStatusPosition element to HUD.
	 Added new example HUD.
	 Put longer code inside spoiler tags.
	 Added console commands section and showdeathghosts command
17.12.12 Added SpectatorInfoPosition element to HUD part
29.11.12 Textual obituaries removed since version 14137



Config editing
Config files are located at: [B]Dirty Bomb\Published\Content\ShooterGame\Config[/B]
Do NOT touch the Default*.ini files located elsewhere unless you want to download the whole game again.

Remapping console keys
If the default console opening key and single-line console key are unsuitable, you can change it.
For example, the tilde key was named “Quote” for me. You can obtain the key name by binding something to it in the game menu and taking note of the key name in the binds list.



Change minimap zoom level
Minimap zoom level can be changed in-game via console or bound to a key. The command is “miniMapZoom [float]”. Also possible to change it in config.



This enables the text-to-speech functionality for all chat. It’s quite useful actually and makes it less likely to not notice a vital command from teammates.



FoV while sprinting
While you are able to turn it off completely from the menu, it’s also possible to change the magnitude and attack and decay time of the effect via config.



Skip class selection on server join
If you wish to jump right in the game without selecting a class or more frequently just clicking the menu away as you’re already your preferred class then this is a convenient option.



Binding keys
A decent tutorial on keybinds can be found here: link.
The tl;dl version:
The binds go in ShooterInput.ini and should be under the [ShooterGame.SGPlayerInput] section(?).


Where [Key] is from the [list of bindable keys](http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/KeyBinds.html#Mappable keys) and the [Command] is your desired command. If it would regularly contain quotes, they need to be escaped with a backslash().

Bindings=(Name="H",Command="globalVSay \"Salutations!\" vsay_hi A_Soldier_01 empty")

HUD Editing
Feel like someone moved your cheese?
Here are a few example HUD-s with added code.


ScopeInfoPosition=(Attach=(H=HA_CENTER), Offset=(Y=500))
ChatInputPosition=(Align=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_TOP), Attach=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_BOTTOM))
IncapMenuPosition=(Align=(V=HA_BOTTOM), Attach=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_BOTTOM), Offset=(Y=205))
ObjectiveProgressPosition=(Attach=(H=HA_CENTER,V=HA_BOTTOM,VA="GameInfo"), Offset=(Y=-10))
WeaponInventoryPosition=(Align=(H=HA_RIGHT, V=HA_TOP), Attach=(H=HA_RIGHT, V=HA_TOP, VA="WeaponAmmo", HA="WeaponAmmo"), Offset=(Y=-5))
MinimapPosition=(Align=(H=HA_RIGHT, V=HA_TOP), Attach=(H=HA_LEFT, V=HA_TOP, HA="PlayerHealth", VA="PlayerHealth"), Offset=(X=-160, Y=-5))
ObituaryMessageLogPosition=(Align=(H=HA_LEFT),Attach=(H=HA_LEFT,V=HA_BOTTOM), Offset=(X=0))
InteractionFillbarPosition=(Attach=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_BOTTOM),Offset=(Y=200))
GameplayNotificationPosition=(Align=(V=HA_BOTTOM), Attach=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_BOTTOM), Offset=(Y=15))
ObjectiveNotificationPosition=(Attach=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_TOP, VA="ObjectiveProgress"), Offset=(Y=15))
ConsoleMessageLogPosition=(Align=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_BOTTOM), Attach=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_BOTTOM), Offset=(Y=20, X=-2))
GameInfoPosition=(Attach=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_TOP))
WeaponAmmoPosition=(Align=(H=HA_LEFT, V=HA_TOP), Attach=(H=HA_RIGHT, V=HA_TOP, HA="PlayerHealth", VA="PlayerHealth"), Offset=(X=-160, Y=55))
PlayerHealthPosition=(Align=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_BOTTOM), Attach=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_BOTTOM), Offset=(Y=260))
CarryableStatusPosition=(Align=(H=HA_CENTER,V=HA_BOTTOM), Attach=(H=HA_CENTER,V=HA_TOP,VA="GameplayNotification"),Offset=(Y=-30))
DetectedNotificationPosition=(Align=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_CENTER), Attach=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_BOTTOM), Offset=(Y=250))


The hud settings are located in ShooterUI.ini
These are the relevant settings with my values so if you want a similar HUD just copy and paste.

Align and attach
The Align keyword seems to state the origin of the HUD element. So if an element is aligned horizontally left and is attached to horizontal middle, the element will have its left side in the middle as in the following image.

ConsoleMessageLogPosition=(Align=(H=HA_LEFT, V=HA_BOTTOM), 
Attach=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_BOTTOM), Offset=(Y=20, X=-2))

Possible values for attaching and alignment are HA_LEFT, HA_CENTER, HA_RIGHT for horizontal(H=) and HA_TOP, HA_CENTER, HA_BOTTOM for vertical(V=).

Align and attach to other elements
Usually you want to give HUD elements relative positions. For example place the ability recharge bar on top of ammo count or text input bar below chat box. To do so it is possible to attach elements to another.

Consider the snippet:

WeaponAmmoPosition=(Align=(H=HA_LEFT, V=HA_TOP), [i]Attach=(H=HA_RIGHT, V=HA_TOP, HA="PlayerHealth", VA="PlayerHealth")[/i], Offset=(X=-160, Y=55))

For the Attach keyword the H and V keys select the edges and together the corner of the specified element which it will be attached to. HA and VA select the element. For example the above snippet will place the element’s top-left corner on top of PlayerHealth’s top-right corner.
The names of the elements are the same as the keys *Position without the Position part.
For a complete and useful example, check the full HUD code above.

Offsetting elements
To further fine tune element positions you can use the offset keyword to nudge the elements to each direction. Take note that an element must have non-middle alignment in the axis you are offsetting for it to work. The offset value will move the element n pixels(?) away from the side it is aligned to. Setting Offset=(Y=100) to a Align=(V=HA_TOP) element will offset it from the top.

MinimapPosition=(Align=(V=HA_TOP), Attach=(H=HA_RIGHT, V=HA_TOP))

MinimapPosition=(Align=(V=HA_TOP), Attach=(H=HA_RIGHT, V=HA_TOP),

Misc. HUD vars
Depending on the location you put your obituary list, you might want to set the lines to be left aligned.



You can also change the number of lines drawn in chat/obit element, line display time, etc.



IFF Settings
Tired of big floating boogers above objectives that always get in the way of shooting? The IFFs are customizable, meaning you can select whether to display an icon instead or nothing at all, change the background/foreground color and more.

The IFF settings are located at ShooterUI.ini under [ShooterGame.SGUIHUDIFFObject].
You will find multiple entries with the same key IFFSettingsArray. Each row represents a different IFF object. They are in the following specific order:

Allied Player		- Name, icons, health above allied players
Enemy Player		- Name, icons, health above enemy players
Objective		- Both primary and secondary objectives. Primary uses foreground color from PriorityColor
Generic Allied		- Allied turrets
Generic Enemy		- Enemy turrets
Projectile Allied
Projectile Enemy
Objective Performer	- C4, Carryable, etc
Disrupted IFF Allied (hack, EMP, etc)
Disrupted IFF Enemy (hack, EMP, etc)

The meaning of some keys:

DefaultColor		- Foreground color
BGColor			- Background color
TextColor		- Text color
HealthColor		- Health/progress bar color
PriorityColor		- Foreground color for priority variants(primary objectives)
EnableIcon		- Draw icon
EnableHealthAll		- Draw health/progress bar
EnableDistance		- Draw distance away from object in meters
EnableName		- Draw object name(objective, player name, turret owner, etc)
EnableMarker		- Draw small arrow indicator
EnableTextBackground	- Text background
ClampToScreen		- Whether the icon will be kept on screen edge when turned away or exit the screen
EnableIconBackground	- Draw icon background
NoTransitions		- If set, IFF will still move along with the objects it's representing

Some suggested IFF settings i have put together along with reasoning. Resulting image on the right.

List of suggested options
Allied Player, Enemy Player

[ul][li]EnableIcon=true Marker itself is too small[/li][li]EnableIconBackground=false[/li][li]EnableName=false Only in rare cases might you need the names of your teammates[/li][li]EnableTextBackground=false[/li][li]EnableMarker=true Find it helpful for enemies mostly[/li][li]EnableDistance=false[/li][li]NoTransitions=true Otherwise IFF will not stick to enemy while fading out[/ul][/li]Objective

[ul][li]EnableIcon=true The icon is descriptive enough by itself. [/li][li]EnableIconBackground=false[/li][li]EnableName=false Clearly you don’t need to read “Plant C4” next to a “blow up” icon, do you?[/li][li]EnableTextBackground=false[/li][li]EnableDistance=false Useless information[/li][li]DefaultColor=(R=255,G=255,B=255,A=60) More transparent so it’s less obtrusive.[/li][li]PriorityColor=(R=0,G=255,B=0,A=60) More transparent plus faint green is easier to see than yellow[/ul][/li]Generic Allied, Generic Enemy

[ul][li]Turrets need no IFF, simply use empty value. IFFSettingsArray=()[/ul][/li]Objective Performer

  • [li]PriorityColor=(R=0,G=255,B=0,A=255) Make it green so it’s easier to spot[/li][li]EnableDistance=false Useless information

Code for example IFF settings described above

IFFSettingsArray=(DefaultColor=(R=0,G=182,B=222,A=255), HealthColor=(R=0,G=182,B=222,A=255), PriorityColor=(R=252,G=238,B=33,A=255), EnableIcon=true, EnableHealthAll=true, EnableMarker=true, ShowFlagCarrier=true, WorldLocationOffset=(X=0,Y=0,Z=-4), DisplayWhenIncapped=true, ShowMedicsOnIncap=true, ClampToScreen=true, EnableIconBackground = false )
IFFSettingsArray=(DefaultColor=(R=255,G=73,B=33,A=255), HealthColor=(R=255,G=73,B=33,A=255), PriorityColor=(R=252,G=238,B=33,A=255), EnableIcon=true, EnableHealthAll=true, EnableMarker=true, WorldLocationOffset=(X=0,Y=0,Z=-4), NoTransitions=true, ClampToScreen=true, DisplayWhenIncapped=true)
IFFSettingsArray=(DefaultColor=(R=255,G=255,B=255,A=255), BGColor=(R=0,G=0,B=0,A=255), TextColor=(R=255,G=255,B=255,A=255), HealthColor=(R=0,G=182,B=222,A=255), PriorityColor=(R=252,G=238,B=33,A=255), EnableIcon=true, EnableHealthAll=true, EnableName=true, EnableTextBackground=true, ShowFlagCarrier=true, DisplayWhenIncapped=true, ShowMedicsOnIncap=true, EnableIconBackground = true )
IFFSettingsArray=(DefaultColor=(R=255,G=255,B=255,A=60), PriorityColor=(R=0,G=255,B=0,A=60), EnableIcon=true, WorldLocationOffset=(X=0,Y=0,Z=100), DisplayWhenIncapped=true )
IFFSettingsArray=(DefaultColor=(R=255,G=255,B=255,A=255), BGColor=(R=0,G=0,B=0,A=60), TextColor=(R=255,G=255,B=255,A=255), HealthColor=(R=0,G=182,B=222,A=255), PriorityColor=(R=0,G=255,B=0,A=255), EnableIcon=true, EnableHealthAll=true, EnableName=true, EnableTextBackground=true, WorldLocationOffset=(X=0,Y=0,Z=10), DisplayWhenIncapped=true, EnableIconBackground = true )


Useful console commands

[li]showdeathghosts [bool][/li][LIST][li]This will display wireframe ghosts showing how you died. Defaults to true since 15404, but you can disable it if you like.[/ul][/li]
[li]SetBind [Key] [Command] [SaveToConfig][/li][ul][li]Good old bind command. Only problem with it is that it will default to alt=true so actual binds will be alt+Key.[/ul][/li]
[li]ToggleHUD[/li][ul][li]Toggles the visibility of HUD elements, alpha text and fps counter will still be visible. The latter can be toggled with “stat FPS”[/ul][/li][/LIST]

There are lots of settings in the .ini files so i can’t list them all here, but i will try to keep a list of more common or less obvious settings.

(Humate) #4

In spec mode - use mousewheel to cycle through each player in 1st person view.

Edit: Currently you need to join the actual match, then enter spectate mode to watch the match.
It cant be done in warmup either.

(acutepuppy) #5

Some players report much higher mouse responsiveness at the cost of anywhere from 1-10 frames by loading ShooterEngine.ini and changing:


I get way better scoreboard and menu performance by loading ShooterGame.ini and changing:

m_MenuPPSetting=(HasBlur=false, HasColorize=false, HasDesaturation=true, DesaturationAmount=0.5)

For those new to UE3, here is a simple cycle toggle sample, and “onrelease” toggle involving the minimap.

//Minimap Size Cycle
setbind map1 “minimapzoom 1.25 | setbind x map2”
setbind map2 “minimapzoom 2 | setbind x map3”
setbind map3 “minimapzoom 3 | setbind x map1”
setbind x “map1”

//Minimap zooms out while sprinting
setbind leftshift “sprintandbreath | minimapzoom 1.5 | onrelease minimapzoom 2.5”

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I like this guy. :smiley:

(BomBaKlaK) #7

So I made a modification of my HUD if someone is interested here is the code I tweak :


Updated with the weaponinvetoryPosition to add the reload bar (medipacks / turretc, etc …)

MinimapPosition=(Align=(V=HA_BOTTOM),Attach=(V=HA_BOTTOM), Offset=(X=600))

WeaponInventoryPosition=(Align=(H=HA_CENTER), Attach=(H=HA_CENTER), Offset=(Y=-5,X=190))

WeaponAmmoPosition=(Align=(H=HA_CENTER), Attach=(H=HA_CENTER), Offset=(Y=160,X=190))

PlayerHealthPosition=(Align=(H=HA_CENTER), Attach=(H=HA_CENTER), Offset=(Y=100, X=190))

(Mustang) #8

You might enjoy this thread: http://forums.warchest.com/showthread.php/34230-HUD-of-the-week

(nailzor) #9

This = awesome… Made my scoreboard go from 60fps to over 120fps (2nd gen i7, 12gb ram w/ nvidia 560 ti).

Thank you.

(Xai) #10

i still have overall very low fps.
Nail, did you replace the full original line by that line? (thus removing BlurKernelSize, BlurFocusDistance and so?)
m_MenuPPSetting=(HasBlur=false, BlurKernelSize=20, BlurFocusDistance=0, BlurMaxFarBlurAmount=1, BlurMaxNearBlurAmount=1, HasColorize=false,
ColorizeColor=(X=0.7,Y=0.7,Z=0.7), HasDesaturation=true, DesaturationAmount=0.5)

(BomBaKlaK) #11

yes you need to replace it

(Xai) #12

At the moment it is still pretty unplayable for me, with frames varying from 20 on some maps to 45 on other maps resulting in really bad tracking.
Also still experiencing mouse lag as if im moving through some jelly pudding :DD it makes tracking even worse
Sniping is fun still though!

(Mustang) #13

Unlock FPS from 90: http://forums.warchest.com/showthread.php/34156-fps-and-hz?p=423088&viewfull=1#post423088

(BomBaKlaK) #14

So here is Recap of all the good things I found over here but all is in part a bit everywhere so here is a little guide for all the new players with all the good things to know :

All the files are located in :
Program Files / Warchest / Dirty Bomb / Published / Content / ShooterGame / Config

So you just have to replace the lines you can find over here and save, if you have any problem delete the file and re launch the game, a new file is created automatically so don’t worry :wink:

[li]ShooterUI.ini (HUD Tweak)[/li][/ul]

[U][B]Infos player[/B][/U]
Life bar / Item bar and ammo bar centered, with health bar on top. 
Change the value 190 on each line to change the X position

[QUOTE] WeaponInventoryPosition=(Align=(H=HA_CENTER), Attach=(H=HA_CENTER), Offset=(Y=-5,X=190))
WeaponAmmoPosition=(Align=(H=HA_CENTER), Attach=(H=HA_CENTER), Offset=(Y=160,X=190))
PlayerHealthPosition=(Align=(H=HA_CENTER), Attach=(H=HA_CENTER), Offset=(Y=100, X=190))


    Change minimap Zoom (default 0.2)


>>>> Set UP 01 <<<<
Minimap bottom / center left

MinimapPosition=(Align=(V=HA_BOTTOM),Attach=(V=HA_BOTTOM), Offset=(X=600))

>>>> Set UP 02 <<<<
Minimap top right and obituaries bottomleft

MinimapPosition=(Align=(V=HA_TOP), Attach=(H=HA_RIGHT, V=HA_TOP))
ObituaryMessageLogPosition=(Align=(H=HA_LEFT),Attach=(H=HA_LEFT,V=HA_BOTTOM), Offset=(X=0))


(murka) #15

Not sure why you are so fond of fixed offsets. Using VA and HA keywords to align elements to others is much better as you don’t have to spend time trial and erroring a few pixels. Plus every screen resolution produces a different result so it’s not portable. I guess i should write some info about those keywords as most often you put something next to something else such as ammo bar to the left of class selection on death.

(BomBaKlaK) #16

Yes I know what you mean but i’m just a noob on Unreal engine :wink:
I do what I can :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bangtastic) #17

Is there anything that can be done to tweak netsettings? just curious about…

(Ecano) #18

net_ClientPrediction=-9000 to get AxterGodMode :smiley:

Googling I’ve got http://www.tweakguides.com/UT3_7.html, only ConfiguredInternetSpeed on it.

(drfraggot) #19

Anyone know what the commands are for overhead colors? I think they’re under [ShooterGame.SGUIHUDIFFObject] because there are only two different RGB codes and I’ve tried ever other command.

Edit: Nevermind, just realized IFF stands for Identify Friendly or Foe…

(WindKun) #20

Fraggot to the rescue :slight_smile: