Dirty Bomb Server Hosting Update

(Mc1412013) #42

The official answer is no. If u want to host a server u have to use i3d.net servers

Again official answer is no.

As much as the comunity would love to continue developement of the game at a comunity level, theres alot of things in the game sd doesnt have licensing rights to distribute.

Also there are certain things in the game that pose security risk that sd doesnt even want the multiplay and i3d to have, but had to give to server hosts in order for game servers to work.

Thats why they abandoned db.

We as a comunity are not happy db isnt being worked on officialy any more.
As much as i doubt its happening or would ever happen Lets just wish or hope theres a few devs tinkering with db on there down time and give us a suprise update.