Dirty Bomb Server Hosting Update

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Thx ill do that when i get home i just gotta find what overground is in the files so i can add that

{"Map": "EXE_Overground", "GameMode": "ShooterGame.SGGameInfoExecution"}


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What doesnthe folowing do and what are the max/min for each

"DemoPrefix": "",

"GameDifficulty" : "1.0",

"KillLimit" : 20,

"ProgressionSystemEnabled" : false,

"RoundLimit" : 1,

"VoteSurrenderDelay" : 0,

Also theres no options for settings for changing pass rate for kicks and shuffles

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Can we blend execution and objective?

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I have Obj/Exe set on my server, just add the exe maps to the map pool so it looks like:

“RotatingMaps”: [{“Map”: “OBJ_Heist”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoObjective”}, {“Map”: “OBJ_Dockyard”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoObjective”}, {“Map”: “OBJ_Whitechapel”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoObjective”}, {“Map”: “OBJ_Trainyard”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoObjective”}, {“Map”: “OBJ_CanaryWharf”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoObjective”}, {“Map”: “OBJ_Bridge”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoObjective”}, {“Map”: “OBJ_Castle”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoObjective”}, {“Map”: “OBJ_TerminalRedux”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoObjective”}, {“Map”: “EXE_Canal”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoExecution”}, {“Map”: “EXE_Overground”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoExecution”}, {“Map”: “EXE_Gallery”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoExecution”}]

Note: You will have to remove 1 Obj map so that the total map pool is 11 or less, otherwise the voting will not work and server will be stuck on one map.

We took out Dome.

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Yes would be great to know these!!

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@Maisy Any chance another host provider local to the region do the services?

I talked to a NZ game service provider and they said the ToS was something preventing them from doing anything.

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can someone help with stopwatch?
and is there some page availabe that explain all the settings?
some are simmilar to the one from multiplay but some are verry different…
some are self explaining but some are not… some examples are already writtend above…

how to write comments in the file?


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Hey man I would suggest to replace/edit the maps in the Map rotation section of the .json like below.

I’m only guessing the SW_ and GameInfoStopwatch parts as my multiplay server has been closed (without notice…free till Dec 2019…BS) so I can’t check the the cfg there. But I would assume it is as I have put above although may be GameInfoStopWatch.

Although in the I3D welcome email it refers to a FAQ page, I am yet to find it. But the Execution maps worked using this method so I would believe the SW maps would as well.

EDIT: A quick google search suggests there is no proper way to comment in a .json file. I tried the old // that worked in .cfg and - - that worked in .lua, However this did not work in my I3D .json. I got a violation ticket sent to me lol


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@Frew were mukti play servers taken off line i no longer have acces to to dashboard in multiplay and its gon from server browser


In our efforts to find our players an alternative in the wake of Multiplay ending “B2C” hosting services, we now have an agreement with i3D.net to be the exclusive provider for Dirty Bomb community servers going forward, as per the announcement here.

We did “shop around” - and in doing so, we exhausted a lot of different avenues before finally deciding that i3D.net would provide the best possible experience at a fair price point. There’s quite a bit more involved in getting dedicated servers online than just “Here are the binaries. Host this, please!”, especially when Multiplay have been the only operator of Dirty Bomb servers for as long as we can remember.

We want to make sure that the hosts we intend on building a relationship with have the ability to support the game. We want to make sure that players won’t complain about lag or downtime, or that the hosts won’t over-provision their hardware in order to try and save on costs. i3D.net have passed these tests.

Multiplay sent out emails to all affected customers back in January. They looked a little something like this:

Due to our long standing commitment to supporting the Dirty Bomb and Splash Damage community, we have spun up a number of dedicated servers and will provide these free of charge until the end of 2019 or a point before if they are no longer in use.

If you would like to migrate your Dirty Bomb community server to one of these dedicated servers, then please contact the support team by reply. They will set up your server to the specification and requirements you provide. This offering will remain in place until the end of 2019.

If you didn’t respond to that email, then your server won’t have been migrated to the free offering and instead will have been closed down on the 28th of February, as pert this announcement. Multiplay’s support will be available until the end of March, so you may still be able to reach out and get this resolved. Here’s their support portal: https://support.multiplay.co.uk/support/home

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Can you please elaborate on this? When you said “shop around”, did it involve some sort of developer control on how the game is hosted?


Essentially, we have a list of requirements that we’re looking to tick-off before deciding whether or not to work with a hosting provider. There will be things like:

  • Location - where are they located as a legal entity?
  • Data Protection - are they secure? Do we think they’re doing enough to be GDPR compliant?
  • Reputation - are they trustworthy?

If someone doesn’t tick these boxes, then we don’t want to work with them. We want to give you the best experience possible, but most importantly, we want you (and your data) to be safe. There are also reputational (and legal) incentives to making sure we’ve done our homework on these topics!

If they get past that first hurdle, then we’ll be looking into how capable they are as a provider:

  • Operations - do they have the ability to configure and deploy our game server binaries across their infrastructure? How easily can they deploy updates?
  • Infrastructure - do they have enough locations to host our game to the target audience?
  • Performance - can they actually run our game such that it is playable?
  • Responsiveness - how easy is it to communicate with them?

This list isn’t exhaustive, but hopefully I’ve touched on some of the more important points. We spent quite a lot of time on this to make sure we were making the right decision.

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I do understand this. What happened was the server was migrated from Australia to Singapore as part of this. However yesterday the server went offline and disappeared from my clanforge Cp.

Apparently they had issues:

We are in the process of getting these servers moved to the appropriate machines to keep them set aside for continued service. This is requiring some additional configuration on our part, but we’re expecting updates and ideally restored live services by tomorrow.

Its back up now!!


Glad to hear that this has been resolved for you. :+1:

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I had the same with multiplay. my server was migrated on fridday… it got a new IP withou any info before…
it didnt work but after a restart it did.
but yesterday everything was gone… no running server and nothing visible in the webpage… so i cant even try to start it again…
now i see it again…

it would help if you provide us (server runners) some documentation… i tried to copy alot of the config from multiplay (before i wasnt able anymore) but this did not work… now i have to check every single setting which i can “recycle” and which not
some are littlebit modified
for example:

i3d vs multiplay
AdminPassword vs AdminLevel1Password

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Hearing you loud and clear! I’ll try and put something together.

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I played Wolfenstein:ET ET: QW and now DB
Please do not produce such a game yet.

Release the server data
Let the community host servers themselves

Publish an SDK
Let the community create new content

SD Focus on projects that bring their money