Dirty Bomb Server Hosting Update

(Moobabe) #1

Hey everyone!

Our Live Ops crew have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that Dirty Bomb remains online for as long as possible.

There is a detailed news post on the Dirty Bomb website breaking down all of the things.

But, in short, we’re partnering with I3D.net to provide community servers for Dirty Bomb and have a new agreement in place with Multiplay to keep dedicated server support running until the end of the year!

Head over to the website to read more.

(Mc1412013) #2

@ frew I could be wrong but i dont see south amerca listed. im in n.a. but i hear them complain all the time theres no south american servers.
Also theres no North american east coast servers??

(Smooth) #3

i3D.net are supplying community servers for rent in Sao Paulo and Washington DC, that list is further down in the post.

(Mc1412013) #4

Ok i m used to new york being listed as east coast


Danke! What’s the next project y’all are going to be working on? I think I skimmed over some new partnership a few weeks ago, but I don’t recall exactly what or who it was. Will we ever see anything along the lines of another Dirty Bomb, Brink, or Enemy Territory again?

(Moobabe) #6

We’re working on both Gears 5 and Gears: Tactics (those are the two people know about!)

There’s some other pretty cool stuff going on, and we’ll share when it’s all good and ready :wink:


Sweet, thanks. Gears was fun back in the early days of Xbox live.

(Your worst knifemare.) #8

Will we ever see DB2 with more mercs, more maps and a bunch of radiation?

(Mc1412013) #9

@Frew @Smooth whats the difference between branded and un branded. There charging more for the server if its unbranded i dont remember multi play charging extra for un branding

(jemstar) #10

A little disappointed that AUS is charged an additional $20 a month just for being downunder but ok!

(Mc1412013) #11

Theres no new yorks servers either there goes my 19-24 ping

(jemstar) #12

Well we get Sydney servers just an extra $20 on top of the rental so one month has cost me $42AUD

(Press E) #13

Dirty bomb 2, Electroc Boogaloo: Battle Royale Edition

(jemstar) #15

Forget it; you will regret it!


The additional cost for certain regions is an unfortunate necessity. It’s due to the increased costs of running infrastructure in regions such as Australia and South America. This way, you can choose whether you want to cover the premium for a geographically-closer server, or if you’re happy to deal with slightly higher pings in exchange of saving costs.

You can actually see for yourself the regional variation in costs by looking at cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services. Take a current-generation “general purpose” instance - we’ll say m5.large, and see how the price differs in each region. In Ireland, that instance is $78.11 to run per month. In Sydney, that price jumps to $87.60 per month and in São Paulo, that same instance jumps to an eye-watering $111.69 monthly. Those prices are for on-demand (shared) cloud infrastructure for an organisation with deep pockets and large bargaining power. So for other companies (like i3d.net) with their own hardware, you can expect their costs to be significantly higher in those regions.

The alternative would be for i3d.net to increase the prices for every other region, regardless of which region a customer wishes to use. Which would be worse for everyone.

Hope this helps to make it a bit clearer!

(jemstar) #17

Thanks Maisy,

I do understand, but since Multiplay didn’t charge this and Gameservers for my old ET server didn’t its a bit of a shock. My monthly cost for Multiplay was $23AUD 16 slots and now with I3D is $42AUD for 14 slots.

So a bit of a jump.

On another topic on Multiplay we could have reserved slots and on i3d its not in the config, is this something we can get?

Also not sure if its widely known but for both Multiplay and i3d DB seems to have an 11 map limit. We have obj/exe server with map voting but on both to get it to work I have to remove a map ie Dome. Is not an issue but if others have a mixed server they may not realise this. If 12+ maps are loaded in the config after the vote all maps will go grey and the same default map will load everytime regardless of the vote.!!

Just thought peeps may want to know.


I will pass this on for you!

(Mc1412013) #19

@Frew how do i set new server to only exe maps

(Frew) #20

how do i set new server to only exe maps

@Mc1412013 - You’ll need to go to your game server on i3D.net’s dashboard, go to the Config Editor tab, and then at the bottom of that configuration file there are two fields; “FeaturedMap” and “RotatingMaps”.

To change to execution only, you’ll need to replace the configuration options in the RotatingMaps field. The format is as follows…

[{"Map": "MapName", "GameMode": "GameModeName"}]

So and example would be…

[{"Map": "EXE_Gallery", "GameMode": "ShooterGame.SGGameInfoExecution"}]

You can add more maps by repeating the segment in the { } brackets, seperated with a comma. As follows…

[{"Map": "EXE_Gallery", "GameMode": "ShooterGame.SGGameInfoExecution"},{"Map": "EXE_Market", "GameMode": "ShooterGame.SGGameInfoExecution"}]

Once you’ve made the changes, save the .json and restart your server. Regarding “FeaturedMap” you can add a map name here, from the list of maps in the RotatingMaps field (e.g. “EXE_Gallery”) and it will always show in the vote.

(Mc1412013) #21

Thx ill do that when i get home i just gotta find what overground is in the files so i can add that