Dirty Bomb Goes Free: Update and FAQ

(Moobabe) #1

Hello fine folks!

As you may have read; Dirty Bomb is going free!

That means no more RADs, no more real money purchases. We’ve made these changes as a thank you to our players, both old and new, for supporting Dirty Bomb over its lifetime.

You can read the full update notes here but first, some highlights:

  • Any RADs you have will be converted to Credits at a 1/20 exchange (rounded up)
  • We’ve re-introduced some older content back to the store (like the terrible Dapper Doge Trinket…)
  • We’ve enabled Steam Trading for all items
  • we’ve upped the Credit earn rate from 19 per minute to 50 per minute

As I said, check out the full notes for all the details, but we also understand you’ll have some questions. We’ve tried to pre-empt some of them with the FAQ below, but if you have any other questions please pop them in this thread and I’ll try to hunt down some answers.



What happened to all my RADs?

Dirty Bomb going free means we’re also removing our premium currency RADs. If you were hoarding those RADs, don’t fret, all RADs have been converted into Credits at a 1 RAD = 20.84 Credits (rounded up to the nearest Credit). Spend those Credits wisely.

What’s happening to the servers after the update?

Dedicated servers will be running in active regions until the end of 2019. Beyond that, no decision has been made so far.

As you may have seen, Multiplay are closing down their community server hosting from February 28th, 2019. If you own a server or would like to find out more information please check out this FAQ on our helpdesk for more information.

Why am I getting so many Credits?

Credit earn rate has been increased across the board by nearly triple!

Why are there no bundles in the store?

To ensure we make Dirty Bomb free, all purchases that only used RADs have been removed from the game.

Where are the Steam DLC packs?

All Steam DLC packages have been removed.

Why didn’t you bring back ALL old content?

In short, due to technical limitations all old content couldn’t be brought back, saying this, we have brought back a bunch of old cases and trinkets for you to get your hands on!

When is my All Merc Pack refund happening?

The refunds will be happening by January 31st 2019. The refund will be refunded directly into your Steam Wallet.

Are there any other refunds?

Outside of the All Merc Pack, no. However, if you have recently made a purchase you may still be eligible for a Steam Refund and should reach out to Steam Support.

(Mc1412013) #2

So no old maps?? And your bringing event cards back i dont agree with that those should have been beta exclusives.

c4te memorial??

And am into asume that end of 2019 is when d.b goes dark. Since u said no plans for after that at the moment.

(Z Gako) #3

I wanted to ask some clarifications for the patch notes:
-The Weapon cases we’ll be able to buy for 25k credits are going to be already unlocked?
-Are Prime cases purchasable with rads? If so for how many credits (also if they will be purchasable i’d suggest to add the first gen variant as well, maybe? ;p)

(Moobabe) #4

No first gen stuff, apart from in Event Cases that were around for first gen cards.

Prime Cases are 30,000

(Moobabe) #5

There might be a little something something in there for c4te :wink: We want to surprise folks though.

Check out the server FAQ for server stuff: https://dirtybombsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000746817-L1b-Server-FAQ

(Mc1412013) #6

Are we going ro get a final commandwr signing off video

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #7
  • Mine Sweeper (Proxy)
  • Arty Marley (Arty)
  • Angel of Ire (Sparks)

Will these be the original painted or gold ones?

(Z Gako) #8

Whats the price for obsidian operatives going to be? If they aren’t getting removed

(TheOmniscient) #9

This is shaping up to be one of, if not the best update yet! I’ve been hoping for the return of old loadout cards for years (especially Dickens), alongside trading and I can barely contain my excitement. I’ve got way too many duplicate event cards, and i’m glad I can finally do something with them, since recycling felt like a huge waste of such a precious item.

I want to add this quick little note here:
Thank you to everyone on the Dirty Bomb dev team, for making such a great game and giving it such a magnificent ending update. The passion you guys put into Dirty Bomb is greatly appreciated, and you have truly created one of the most fun and skillful shooters on the market.

(Your worst knifemare.) #10

Now i can finally get the Dickens loadout I’ve always wanted.

(auwi) #11

Thank you for this update, its nice to be able to give players more options and less grinding for whatever they want. I do have another question, however:

Can we see the return of ranked cases/trinkets in the store as well? I know plenty of people who absolutely loved the ranked season 2 skins and myself included.

(tjimboo) #12

Big thanks for thinking about the players. Love the game and you made a great job! Turning 49 this year but still love this game.

(DB 2 When?) #13

Will all mercs be free from the start, no unlocking with credits?

(Nail) #14


(Smooth) #15

The Ranked Cases won’t be coming back, since these were never paid-for and rewarded ‘skill’ more than any other cases, we decided to keep them exclusive to the people who managed to earn them back then. They will be tradeable though.

(Smooth) #16

Mercs will still need to be unlocked with Credits, but we’ve massively bumped the base credit earning rate.

(Moobabe) #17

They vary - the top end are 75k and the cheaper ones are 60k.

I might do a post next week for prices, or update the original one with costs.

(kittz0r) #18

Will Trinkets which only were obtainable with real Money be giving out for “Free” or other Stuff?

(Z Gako) #19

The patch notes say you can buy them for 25k credits

(kittz0r) #20

True but since not every Trinket is listed like the TA Chicken