Different servers for ET:Legacy

(Milardo) #1

Hi, I’m looking for a server that was like whosgaming or etforever: they used etpub before and etforever used etpub then silent mod. I can’t find any good servers like those to play on. I’m looking for an et server that has the least possible mods. I do like covert ops(stay in enemy uni until lose life), garand rifle reload at any point, no gibs, map voting, and custom maps, 64 player slots! I don’t like uniform changes, weird sound packs, double jump, stuff you have to download that totally changes the interface of the game, etc. My main question is does ET:Legacy have different servers then to play on, and if so like what i mentioned above? I don’t currently have ET:Legacy installed. I don’t even play ET hardly because there aren’t any good servers i like anymore or are populated. Thanks for any good replies.

(KeMoN) #2


Legacy and ET share the same serverlist. Except for etpro servers you can connect to basically all servers using a Legacy client.
So if you want to connect to any of the more popular servers in the list, you should be able to do so.
Unfortunately, most populated servers are running custom mods, like you said. Very pure servers I consider nice are TeamMuppet.
Simply head over hereand search for “muppet”.

Occasionally, some folks in the Legacy Discord organize an evening with Stopwatch matches, but all on a simple level. You’d be very welcome to join them, if you want. You can find our Discord here.

If you have any questions or problems simply post here or join our Discord. We’d be happy to help.