Deep Sea Research - MP

(swelt) #61

crossposted from comments on d3euro, apologies if you’ve seen this already:

This new version is almost a completely new map. IMO it’s now too small for 2v2, the 2 RLs are way too close to each other and you’ve ditched several of the areas that gave the original map character.

Since this has been released as final, I think it would be good to release the version that was used in the D3Euro tourney (with only the minor changes to health that were mentioned) as z13d3dm3. And if it’s not too late, move one of the RLs on this map so you at least can’t see from one to the other.

I’m not saying I don’t like the new map btw (looks nice, performance is mostly OK, item layout seems ok with the exception of the RLs) just that the previous incarnation was a better 2v2 map.

(Zombie13) #62

iildon: only cause you can’t resist :wink:

swelt: thanks, I read your feedback on just lost my password and couldn’t reply, about the RL’s well I did have the one in the middle where the chaingun was, but we decided that uptop was good spot for fun rocket duels, I know it’s not really 2vs2 anymore, but it could be possible, it’s good fun in 3 player thats for sure, and seeing it on a few servers now is both good and bad, good cause it’s nice to see my maps on a few servers, and bad cause I can’t go in and kick their asses :slight_smile:


(swelt) #63

Once you release a map as final, your options become very limited. Even worse with D3 than before thanks to the pure server issues. That’s why I went for ages with my maps as release candidates - just to make sure they really were final. That’s also why I suggested releasing the old 2v2 incarnation map as a z13d3dm3 - give it a new name. There seems to be a real shortage of competition standard 2v2 maps, and from the avi’s I watched your map had looked pretty good gameplay wise.

(Zombie13) #64

hrmmm, yeah I Haven’t actaully released the older verion as yet, I could brush it up a bit, it’s just really sloppy brush work… but I guess if people don’t care I can give it a once over and finalise it.


(carnage) #65

um there was something earlier about thin fog for water effect, well could that not be done using the wordspawn fog as long as the distance is set to far enough away then you should not notice it inside but when you look out the window to the distance you see it and light the model terain in blue/green so it looks underwater

(Zombie13) #66

Hrmm not quite sure I got what you mean, but I didn’t use worldspawn fog, didn’t know you could, I just use a fog shader for my lights, basicly that simple :slight_smile:


(carnage) #67

i may be confuse with another editor but i though that you couls place fog using a worldspawn key value

min distance of where the fog starts
max distance where the fog is too thick to see through

i thought it was for realy big maps where you need to put a max draw distance in to stop loads of brushes apearing

(nedd3h) #68

good map! plays well with my mod :slight_smile:
This map is available to play on my modded Doom3 server in AUS.

Server will run to at least end of 08

(080829k) #69

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(MoonRunX) #70

Anyone else think those sea cucumbers look like something from the Burgess Shale?
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(jackendonald) #71

If you have any corridors where vis is particularly solid, a window looking out onto this would be extremely cool.The lump of mars terrain from the opening sequence is available as a model.Its more QW like in terms of gameplay, plenty of areas for you rocket jumping monkeys to get to, and good flow. hopefully by the weekend I will have some progress shots.Now this map I have just made the hull for you guys will like a lot more