Deep Sea Research - MP

(Zombie13) #1

Alrighty, now this map I have just made the hull for you guys will like a lot more, its more QW like in terms of gameplay, plenty of areas for you rocket jumping monkeys to get to, and good flow. hopefully by the weekend I will have some progress shots.

Its not going to be set on mars or hell though, but it will have a lab type theme, BUT its set on Earth in a secrect underwater research facility where the UAC sent back demon specemins to study. so stay tuned, and this time you guys can be the testers, cause you are a good lot :smiley:


(D3C0Y) #2

dang i had a similair idea for a map :p, but i’m gonna pass on it… gl and i hope u make a hell of a map !

(Zombie13) #3


(zeh) #4

Wow. Really great. And if it plays like QW then… hm… I can barely wait.

(rgoer) #5

Cool idea Z, just a minor nitpick:

(Zombie13) #6

oooh good idea rgoer, thanks man :slight_smile:

/me looks for a funky texture


(Zombie13) #7

Ok I’ve done quite a bit more, so I will have some new screens coming later today, trying to get this map in beta condition before the weekend.


(Zombie13) #8

btw… miss you rgoer on #qer… place just doesnt feel teh same without j00.


(Zombie13) #9

just a minor update:


(JMW) #10


Nice pics, I like the blue.
From the topics, it looks like you are working on 2 maps at the same time?
Is that something you regulary do?


(Zombie13) #11

Thanks, no I usually do work on a few at once, but this time I am just working on one at a time, just taking it easy :slight_smile:


(Wils) #12

Couple of suggestions for your perusal…

There are some nice skylights in you could use for reference to make yours look a little more interesting:

The lump of mars terrain from the opening sequence is available as a model. If you have any corridors where vis is particularly solid, a window looking out onto this (albiet lit in blue with an underwater fog thing going on) would be extremely cool:

(Zombie13) #13

Hrmmm top idea, thanks Wils :slight_smile:


(def46) #14

, a window looking out onto this (albiet lit in blue with an underwater fog thing going on) would be extremely cool:


PS: there’s a ‘dust’ shader or light texture or something I saw that looks like dust showing through the spot light, somewhere in the game, that would probabyl work great in the water as well to simulate the ‘plankton’ in the sea water

(Zombie13) #15

Hrmm I’m actaully having some trouble making thin density fog…


(Zombie13) #16

Hell Knight incubation room is well under way :slight_smile:


(D3C0Y) #17

i see alot of sparklies on the left side of your screen …

( in case u don’t know what they are )

(Domipheus) #18


(Zombie13) #19

where? remember it’s a really low quality jpg… what ever you are seeing might be the image itself, I don’t let sparkles through, and yes I do know what they are :slight_smile:


(D3C0Y) #20

ok then it’s prob the image :stuck_out_tongue: