Deep Sea Research - MP

(Zombie13) #41

Ok few improvements, like layout, it’s a bit tighter, still got to go over item placement a bit, this version is more or less to see how it runs on other peoples pcs, most the max I saw is about 60k total scene tris, so it’s quite an improvement, let me know how it runs :slight_smile:


(Wils) #42

Just had a run round. First impressions are good - layout’s much more intuitive and performance is pretty much fixed. Cool :slight_smile:

Item placement is going to be really important on this map, simply because it’s so big. You’re going to have to think about ways to push players together so there’s a lot of action going on around the key items.

Some of the stairs are a little wide and look clumsy - you could try reducing them to normal Doom 3 widths and see if it works out.

The map still needs a big clipping pass to smooth out movement and fix the ledges and corners the player currently gets stuck on when moving quickly.

Here’s a couple more suggestions, with screenshots:

This end of the corridor doesn’t go anywhere and can be annoying if you run full pelt into it expecting a doorway. Try pulling it forward level with the doorway to the right.

The stairs in this shot are particularly wide and look out of place. If you want to keep the space, perhaps putting some clipped off machinery along the right or left side would help.

I keep wanting to jump up these boxes here :slight_smile:
I’ve also outlined the sillouette of the stairs and walkway - it’s really hard to see as you run into the room from this angle, Picking it out with a light would be nice - the player will always know where to run to then.

A lift at one of the two positions here would add a bit of extra connectivity. I don’t know if it’s needed, but it might be worth trying.

It’s coming along nicely, overall. Take your time with it, though; it’d be a shame to waste all this effort by rushing it at the end :slight_smile:

(Zombie13) #43

WHoa thanks Wils! your rock dude :smiley:

:banana: :banana:

Yes I do want to take my time with it, as I know some people were busy I thought I’d tackle the performance first to get a rough idea then polish it up a bit more, going to rebuild some of those areas so it’s less empty so to speak, thanks again man :smiley:


(Zombie13) #44

ok did some item tweaking on other fixes just need some feedback on item placement, some other people have said don’t change a thing, but I want to hear some more please let me know what you think, so I can get into the polishing part :smiley:


(Davros) #45

layout is much better, there are a few more things you could do perhaps. i couldnt see any pickups ect in the room with the floor windows so its a bit pointless going in there, also the hole in the floor where you can drop down into the tight corridor area, perhaps put the armour below it so you have reason to drop down / wait for enemies above it. id make the water fog less opaque too, its still really hard to see any of the detail outside and i see you have a monster out in the water which you cant really notice :slight_smile:

(swelt) #46

I second the feeling that the new layout is alot better. I think there’s something not quite right about the top level now. The catwalk that used to lead into the top PG room seems odd. Item placement doesn’t feel quite right yet. The SG room feels quite barren, given it’s size - some shards perhaps? Also the top level platform with the plasma ammo crys out for something more significant. I reckon this could make a nice TDM ?map with the addition of a 2nd armour (where torchy suggested sounds good) and perhaps with a 2nd RL on that top level… though that may have a knock-on effect.

I’ve had a go myself at an item layout which I think would work very nicely for 2v2, possibly even cramped 4v4. Grab it here (map only). Feel free to use any of the ideas. Changes include the adding 2nd RL, 2nd MG, invis, armor; shifting RL, berserk, PG; misc shard tweaks. Debatable whether the invis is overkill, but it’s not really that powerful and forces the team to choose whether they try to secure both PUs or just one.

Little bits: Texture on the CG room doors is too much like the wall texture. Exposed caulk at the aforementioned catwalk. Not keen on the 4-way screenshot as a load screen, bit of a mess. Clip under the RL floor.

(Zombie13) #47

Swelt, thanks for your input on the item layout seems to be ok I guess… but again it’s hard for me to test it, but I will take your word for it, I’ll make this map focused on tdm, then polish it up some more, sometime in the future as I have no idea when I want to release another version of this map.


(swelt) #48

I know some people that could help you get it tested. Since you are Oz, time zones don’t make it easy but the d3euro guys, esp W4rh0g, have expressed an interest in the map and are looking for a maplist for an upcoming mini-2v2 compo. If you can get onto and into #doom3.euro you might be able to talk direct. If not, I would be happy to act as a middleman. Get together a version that you think is solid enough for online comp and we’ll go from there.

One thing I learned when they did a 1v1 comp using both my maps: there are some important behaviour differences between running a map on a listen server and running a map as a client to a dedicated server. To test this:

[ul][li] download and install the new beta (backup doom3.exe and game00.pk4 if you want to be able to roll back after).
[/li][li] Edit mapcycle, adding your map. Instructions.
[/li][li] Fire up doom3ded, si_map yourmap, spawnserver.
[/li][li] Fire up normal doom3 client and /connect
[/li][*] Run around and check that all your lovely effects still work as designed[/ul]

(Zombie13) #49

ok I am there, thanks man for your support, really appreciate it :smiley:


(Zombie13) #50 few fixes like thinner fog, some more performance enhancements, didn’t really add anymore detail fue to the openess of the map, any extra detail wants to bring the fps down to a screaming hault, but I do say I have learnt my lesson on making such open maps in the future :o


(swelt) #51

Looking good. Would be nice to see some 2v2 played on here to prove the item loadout before going final.

(Zombie13) #52

yeah it sure would, if you are around swelt, haul your ass on irc :smiley:


(Zombie13) #53

ok after a lot of play testing over the weekend at my lan, we finaly decided on a good layout for the map, so I have decided to give it a visual face lift:

not sure when I will be done, but I hope to be done soon :slight_smile:


(swelt) #54

Remember to keep a close eye on the framerate! A great looking map with a great layout and poor performance is a poor map from a players point of view.

(Loffy) #55

fps IS king, indeed. But just look at that last picture. It’s awesome. It’s like being there, or looking at a high res-digital photo taken at the space station in question.

(Zombie13) #56

yeah it’s the same as before, just better use of lighting, texturing and brush work, I ain’t that stupid where I would make the newer version run slower :wink:

Glad you like it :slight_smile:


(Zombie13) #57

Well today is the day I can finaly say it’s done :smiley:

Here are some screens to tie you over till I upload it:



(Zombie13) #58

Ok here is the final version, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have played it, made it :smiley:


EDIT: Thanks michi for the mini review, and thanks for taking my name away on the forums selection ;D

( #59

[forced by zombie to post here] :wink: :wink:
great map. the ambient sounds kicks ass!
the clip brush right in front of the windows to minimice the weapon distorsion is a tricky idea.
im missing some railings at some points and maybe some water witch drips from pipes to underline the “underwater effect” or some plants in water tanks with some research equipment ( asmall lab or something). i only noticed some monitors standing around.
and there are maybe one or two rocket launchers to much (or i ran around in cicles and there is only one).
but overall a fun map with a good layout and hopefully i will find an online server to rock underwater. :smiley:

(ildon) #60

Much <3 for teh zombeh.