Dedicated internet server for ETQW-server in 2021

(Henk) #1

Hi all,

First: a happy new year to you all! :tada:
I’m new to this community, but running Quake 3 Arena and Wolf:ET servers now and then for over 10 years.

Second: I’ve been lurking in the ET:QW forums for a couple of days to find an answer, but could not find it.
So my question is: is it possible to (legally) run a dedicated ETQW server on a remote server (so not LAN server), now that the Demonware auth-servers are gone?

I’ve tried over the weekend with no success. Always these server errors:

Dedicated server sign in failed (9).

Version(s) information:

  • (32-bit installation file)
  • ETQW 1.5.12663.12663 linux-x86 May 9 2008 13:47:37 (version in server log)

I just need to know if it is possible in some other way, or a simple “no it is not”.

Cheers, Henk

(REA987) #2

Please contact @ressected in TAW ETQW Discord for server inquiries.


(Henk) #3

Thanks for the reply.
I was really hoping to get an answer here and not in (yet) another sub-channel.

(Nail) #4

please accept the offer from TAW, you’re not likely to find a better answer or community to deal with

(Henk) #5

Okay, okay, I just did. :innocent: