Custom Lan Server Help Please

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Hi, i want to setup a custom lan server where i can play with my friends, i can setup a vanilla server using the “serverlauncher.exe” and play with my friends but i want to impose certain limits

we mostly play mixed teams of bots and humans
basically what i want to do is

1 - i want to setup server where u cannot pick Oppressors and FieldOps
2 - i want no flying units in the server

i tried several things (enter cvars directly into the console, setup and autoexec.cfg but to no avail, non of them works and i always end up with the message

these are the only changes i want to make in my lan server but i dont know how to set them up.

i downloaded the official Competition mod but i have absolutely no idea how to set it up.

any step by step assistance to get the above mentioned changes will be greatly appreciated since i am a total newbie in this. thank you very much

this is my config

seta si_rules “sdGameRulesCompetition”
seta r_UseThreadedRenderer “2”
seta com_useFastVidRestart “1”
seta g_skipintro “1”

set g_showChargeTimers 1
set g_teamAirstrikeCost 1
set g_maxProfiency 1

// Turret restrictions

set g_maxAITs -1 // Allows unlimited Artillery Interceptor Turret per team
set g_maxAPTs -1 // Allows unlimited Anti-Personnel Turret per team
set g_maxAVTs -1 // Allows unlimited Anti-Vehicle Turret per team

// Artillery Restrictions

set g_maxArtillery 0 // Allows 1 Artillery or Rail Howitzer per team
set g_maxRocketArtillery 0 // Allows 1 Rocket Artillery or Plasma Mortar per team
set g_maxHammers 0 // Allows 1 Hammer or Dark Matter Cannon per team

// Weapon Restrictions

set g_maxRocketLaunchers -1 // Allows 1 Rocket Launcer or Obliterator per team
set g_maxGPMGs -1 // Allows 2 GPMGs or Hyperblasters per team
set g_maxGrenadeLaunchers -1 // Allows unlimited Grenade Launchers per team if the Grenade Launcher is available
set g_maxHeavyWeapons -1 // Set no limit to Heavy Weapons
set g_maxSniperRifles -1 // Allows 1 Sniper Rifle or Rail Gun per team

// Mine Limit

set g_maxMines 8 // Allows each team to only have a maximum 8 mines deployed at one time

// Radar Limit

set g_maxRadars 2 // Allows each team to deploy only 2 Radar at a time

// Strogg Class Limits

set g_maxAggressors 3 // Limits Strogg to 2 Aggressors at any one time
set g_maxTechnicians 3 // Limits Strogg to 2 Technicians at any one time
set g_maxConstructors 3 // Limits Strogg to 3 Constructors at any one time
set g_maxOppressors 0 // Limits Strogg to 2 Oppressors at any one time
set g_maxInfiltrators 3 // Limits Strogg to 2 Infiltrators at any one time

// GDF Class Limits

set g_maxSoldiers 3 // Limits GDF to 2 Soldiers at any one time
set g_maxMedics 3 // Limits GDF to 2 Medics at any one time
set g_maxEngineers 3 // Limits GDF to 2 Engineers at any one time
set g_maxFieldOps 0 // Limits GDF to 4 Field Ops at any one time
set g_maxCovertOps 3 // Limits GDF to 1 Covert Op at any one time

set g_vehicleClass_Anansi “Flyer”
set g_vehicleClass_Bumblebee “Flyer”
set g_vehicleClass_Tormentor “Flyer”

set g_vehicleClass_Desecrator “Heavy”
set g_vehicleClass_Cyclops “Heavy”
set g_vehicleClass_Titan “Heavy”

set g_vehicleClass_Hog “Medium”
set g_vehicleClass_Trojan “Medium”

set g_maxActiveVehicles_Flyer 0
set g_maxActiveVehicles_Heavy 1
set g_maxActiveVehicles_Medium 2

(REA987) #2

Have you tried ETQWPro Competition Mod which is better at limiting certain aspects of the game?