Create Your Own Soldier

(Zapdos145) #61

Lets make a clown!!

(RadFett24) #62

I would like a Medium Commando who comes with the mini max HMG and has a skill that uses 6 Energy to pull a flamethrower that does x amount of damage and leaves targets burnt like the Flamin’ Nora.

(Beasttekkers) #63

I’d like a hill billy that could have a double barrelled shotgun so he’d be a engi and his second abilitie would a bear trap which would be invisible like suds c4 it would do 40 initial damage and trap the enemy soldier in it dealing 10 extra damage for the time that they are trapped the only way to free the toon is to get one of there other toons to go next to that one and use 4 energy to free the toon and the toon that was trapped moves slower by one

(Shiek93) #64

[QUOTE=KINONEZ21;440328]My own Soldier
Name: Fire Fred
“The Fox”
HP: 250
Total Energy: 14
Initial Weapon: Flamethrower
Squad Points: 6
Range: 5 Squares
Optimum Range: 4-5 Squares
Knock Back: 0
Damage: 45
Cost to use: 4 energy
Available to: Soldiers

First Ability: Support Fire
Second Ability: Burn (cost to use 6, only once per turn, twice per match) -must be next to target (as a melee weapon) does 50 points of damage on impact, then a further 10 points for 3 turns.

Description: Fred is a Medium Commando who can either use support fire to protect his teammates or give an enemy a third degree burn untreatable by medics.
A war veteran, a member of his family has fought in every single war throughout history, he is not the exception! Armed with his homemade Flame Thrower he is an enemy who must be feared!

Flamethrower: purchasable for 25,000 or 22 Rad bucks[/QUOTE]

Nice idea bro!! Like how much thought you put on it, have a sketch? We could use more fan arts (only seen one so far…)

(SexySloth13) #65

The archer.
Has a bow that does good damage longer distance from target.
Abiltys: Ghost and rapid fire arrows.( lower energy for archer for 3 turns.)
Ninja penguin (i like penguins and ninjas so yeah.)
Has melee which is its wings does alot of damage
Slow moving.
Abilitys ninja star rampage( throws 3 ninja stars at enemy.) and penguin force ( Slows and badly damages person/ people that got hit.
Bomb Guy.
Not fast or slow
Has rpg
Abilitys bombing run ( bombs 3x3 squares) napalm ( burns and damages people and can spread if runs into another person)
Please add these. ninja penguin is a must. No matter what.

(iwound) #66

A scientist.

[li]Tall and skinny like snipers. Wearing a white lab coat. Stereo type mad scientist.
[/li][li]Sniper weapon stuns and gives light damage to 3 square area. Long range.
[/li][li]Extra ability to shoot a mini black hole transporting victim to random point on map. Medium range.
[/li][li]passive ability creates an electric barrier damaging enemies in adjacent squares. Lasts two turns.

(.BigAl.-) #67

I would want some American Soldiers like the Rio ones Mabey a cowboy and an indian with a bow and arrow.

(bobotnaman) #68

parkour guy, light assault (like dave)
jump - can jump through obstacles.
run - uses 0.5 action per movement

paintball guy,
paintball shot - shoots paint on target, can track invisible guys.
zombie mode - ignores next shot/ no damage (if you played paintball or airsoft we call those guys zombies who just wont die and accept that they’re hit)

terry crews, heavy assault
dual wield - can dual wield
support fire (active) - fires at enemy or cover, no damage but halves enemy action points for next turn, and keeps him in cover (can’t move)

(Domm) #69

[QUOTE=bobotnaman;469045]parkour guy, light assault (like dave)
jump - can jump through obstacles.


I like this. It is something like the Ghost but yet not.
This would be a interesting thing to have on maps like Old Town/Train/Market… The jump/climb could be limited to thins like fence and walls. There are many maps with only a small barrier (not actually a full square).

(Anonymous--Rex) #70

Mad Doc Madison
Class: Medic
Weight: Medium
Skills: Heal
-Cost: 3
-Uses: Infinite
-Distance: 1 space.
-Causes stun - No Damage

Trevor Trench
Class: Commando
Weight: Medium
Skill: Cover Fire
Shovel Smack:
-Cost: 3
-Uses: Infinite
-Distance: 1
-Does damage similar to the knife - perhaps less, depending.

Tom Peeps
Class: Engineer
Weight: Light
Skills: Repair
Spy Cam
Uses: x3
Cost: 3
-Health: 50
-Vision range of 3
-Rockets will fire to anything in range- clear line of sight not necessary.
-Turrent allowed an extra firing round for anything entering the cam’s sight- clear line of sight necessary.
-Detects Ghosted Snipers

Warren Bonds
Class: Sniper
Weight: Heavy
Skills: Ghost
-Increases the range of any gun with a range of 6 (or whatever the standard range is) or less by 3. Optimum distance stays the same.

I’m imagining this as an old man wearing incredibly thick bifocals.

(KINONEZ21) #71

Name: Tai Lee
“The Ninja”
Class: Sniper
HP: 200
Total Energy: 12
Initial Weapon: Karma Katana
Squad Points: 5
Range: 1 Square
Optimum Range: 1
Knock Back: 0
Damage: 56
Cost to use: 3 energy
Available to: All

First Ability: Ghost
Second Ability: Smoke bomb (cost 4 to use, once per Match) Tosses a granade that covers a three tile radius, which blocks your opponets view of the targeted tiles for two turns. (Units inside this area can’t be seen by your opponent, both his and yours, these units can still be mobilized)

Name: Dr. Ian
“The Doctor”
Class: Medic
HP: 200
Total Energy: 12
Initial Weapon: Cockler SMG
Squad Points: 4
Range: 4 Squares
Optimum Range: 1
Knock Back: 0
Damage: 28
Cost to use: 3 energy
Available to: Medics, Snipers

First Ability: Medkit
Second Ability: Pain Killer, Tosses a granade that covers a two tile radius, which cuts enemy’s attack damage by half for two turns

(KINONEZ21) #72

I did a sketch since you supported the idea, no color though, imagine him being a “red head”

(tinker) #73

twin of tito tesla —> (girl) tiffany tesla
engi or soldier/commando
heavy ( no mid/heavy girl yet [beside commander])
space-grenade … 8 range [animation: shot with a device // not thrown] 4energy, 1 aoe range (dmg to center [80] to up/down/left/right 40 , 60 when effected ***)

***pulls target to the center when center is not occupied. when >1 target hit, unit pulled : heavy, higher HP , higher weaponpoint , soldier>engi>sniper>medic;;when not determined through this, all targets hit get pull though when pulled to center 60damage.

animation of grenade is simular to the grenades thrown in Thor 2 :smiley: just awesome

(tinker) #74

Just thought about weapons that add abilities

captain america style
shield: 5 squad points melee , 3energy to attack, 30dmg
passive: 10-25% reduced damage
active once per turn : “boomerang” , throwing shield at range 4 , 4 energy , 40 damage

rocket-gloves melee 5squad-points 4energy to attack, 60damage, 1 pushback
active once per turn : 2energy, up to 3 pushes to the front. pushing any soldier ahead with you, 20 damage per pushed cell of any other soldier

(steeeevvee) #75

I would like to see a glue man who can throw a glue so that the target soldier cannot move for one turn. And oh, a soldier with bows and arrows. Probably soldier with boomerang will also be nice.

(jamesmount) #76

Yes it’s very difficult to think, which weapon is good for soldiers,For this u should take help by internet or some other sides. for this u can visit many sites that can make this type of soldiers.Actually i know one site that can make only this types of things.

(tapititone) #77

I’d like to see a Light Engineer with a Taser stick. Usable on ennemy troops, ennemy deployables and ally deployables. Poke one of your turret with the Taser and it’ll recover 200% of it’s max Action point limit (turrets get 1+2 AP for one turn, shield bot get 4+8 AP for one turn, UAV get 6+12 AP for one turn). Poke an ennemy deployable with the Taser to disable it for 2 turns (just like Ivan’s concussion grenade). Poke an ennemy with it to make him lose 3 AP for 2 turns.

(tinker) #78

I actually liked the idea of upgrading any gadget with the repair-tool from the very beginning- little like in team fortress
but an extra unit for it is also fine :smiley:
but I’d add the UAV on the list. people would combine lahacque and engis more (nobody combines them atm)

(tapititone) #79

[QUOTE=tinker;483843]I actually liked the idea of upgrading any gadget with the repair-tool from the very beginning- little like in team fortress
but an extra unit for it is also fine :smiley:
but I’d add the UAV on the list. people would combine lahacque and engis more (nobody combines them atm)[/QUOTE]

Forgot to include the UAV in the list, thanks.

Another idea: I’d like to see a Medium Engineer that can deploy a Jamming device that prevent Captains from using their “call hq for backup” abilities (bee bomb, deploy cover, revealing beacon, air strike, laser, crates) as long as it’s not destroyed. It could be deployed anywhere and still block off both Captain’s abilities no matter where they are. The Jammer could have about 50hp and a self-destruct option to allow you to “turn it off” and unlock your Captain’s powers if you want.

(khenkhen) #80

I like wizards splashing magic against the soldiers just like dota.