Create Your Own Soldier

(badman) #1

If you could create a soldier from scratch, what would it be be and what kind of weapon or ability would it have?


[li] I’d like to see a light engineer that can deploy a small bubble shield reducing incoming damage.[/li][li] I want to see a Commando equipped with a mortar. The mortar’s range is fairly small, but thanks to its indirect fire, it’s able to ignore cover entirely.[/li][/ul]
Now it’s your turn - be as detailed or concise as you like. Go go go!

(Crozzton) #2

A new soldier type would be cool. Can’t really make one soldier without making one for each type

Support soldier. All over ability for heavy/medium/light could be a sprint ability giving 33%ekstra energy for moving perhaps tangling dam reduction to balance. Giving them arms choices like medics and/or mechs. (Idea a bit from x-com support)

Or a anticrit aura for them perhaps

Lightweight: ^4 smoke grenade making friendly units invisible for one turn. Can be spotted as ghosts.
Medium: 4^ flak jacket activate for 50% less damage taken for one round
Heavy:8^ assault run straight towards an enemy at least 2 squares away and do 33% more damage

Other abilities to play with:
Taunt forces a toon to make an attack towards the taunter at 30% less damage reducing the energy from the enemy toon his/her next turn.
“Look out” push away friendly toon at adjacent square from harms way.

Have more ideas and will be back :slight_smile:

(Sandman77) #3

Id like the commander to be editable. Lets be allowed to change if hes a soldier, engineer or medic for that round etc.

Soldier ideas:

Dualwielding Cowboy - American with two guns, light infantry though but he has a skill that allows him to shoot with both guns once or twice.

Flamethrower guy - Well flamethrower skill and a melee weapon

Spy - Can disquise himself as the oppesite player for a round or two dunno how that should work though im just throwing ideas here

Thief - Can go invis, backstab bonus and can steal a “skill useage”/item or turn from that enemy unit

Support guy - Can give an unit a boost like plus dmg or plus shield sorta like crozzton said

Smoke grenade is good tooo as weapon or stun grenade

(j4b) #4

[QUOTE=Sandman77;418893]Id like the commander to be editable. Lets be allowed to change if hes a soldier, engineer or medic for that round etc.



other ablities:
flashbang: enemy cant see you for 1 round
supportguy: dealing buffs like in brink + damage +energy etc.

(tinker) #5

I’d like to have a Robot with only passive (leightweight) getting 25% less damage and doing 25% more ( although I think 25% on both is hardcore, maybe only 10 or 15 %)

a bear (or Soldier with bear suit - where you see it’s a suit when he dies) that can plant a wall of thorns that cannot be destroyed but do damage to every other unit (even friendly but not the bear) that passes through.

a midweight Mage(soldier) that has another design for each weapon - but still the same weapons ( e.g. the pistol is a little wand although you actually equipped the pistol, any bigger gun is a two-handed staff). his special ability could be a frostnova- or frostwave - making dmg in a cone and slowing the units / cuttin 1 2 3 energy

a lightweight goblin that can explode himself dealing a lot of dmg

a cyclist that has his arms equipped to the cycle :smiley:

an angel - lightweight- that can jump(fly) 3 cells ahead (even over building or obstacles) once for about 4 or 5 energy - leightweight medic

awesome suits for the commander e.g. something close to Halo

A ninja (still asking myself why you have none yet :smiley: ) lightweight - that can throw a smokebomb ( making a 3x3 area smokish for the enemy that can not see or shot in that area) for about 9 energy - and being able to throw kunais AND shuriken at the enemy (SOLDIER ) - 3 abilities for one soldier

a mole that can dig a tunnel between a few scells

an engineer/ or alchemist that gather trash when he walks being able to throw a grenade or cocktail when gathered enough things (lightweight engi) e.g. every 12 cells he walks he has gathered enough trash to throw one thing.

a girl(the game does not have many yet) that comes with a bird - the bird is her passive and active - it attacks the enemy on each moved cell for 1 dmg - the active would be 2x the birds takes the weapon and fires from above - ignoring walls, cover etc. :smiley:

a heavyweight engi that can call in a pavelow for 1 turn using up all 18 energy - the pavelow attacks each enemy in a 5x5 are for 40 dmg.

a lightweight soldier woman (lara croft like) with a teaser (for about 6-8 energy) turning out 1 enemy for a whole turn.

a engi with headphones anda boombox - his ability is to do aoe dmg to everyone with his boombox (excluding himself)

I have lots of crazy ideas :smiley:

(Sandman77) #6

Tinker you been drinking again?

(tinker) #7

no, I do not drink alcohol

but a drunken character could be nice

heavyweight, having bottles around him, walking a little - you know, not straight - drinking from his bottle on each round healing himself for 40-60
since hes drunken he misses each 3rd shot
but I can’t make up an active ability :confused: we already have a molotov cocktail.

(Crozzton) #8

Firebreath. Alcohol flame lit up. Affecting first square in front of him and 3 in row 2 and 5 in row 3 (cone attack)
Could be a flamer attack as well

(ChaosPinhead) #9

Name: Toasty Tommy (would be neat if he could be immune to fire)
“The Firebat”
HP: 250
Total Energy: 14

Initial Weapon: Flamethrower (DOT but only the player it hits)
Range: 4 Squares
Optimum Range: 4 Squares
Knock Back: 0
Damage: 30 (2 round DoT 15,5 does not stack with multiple shots)
Cost to use: 4 energy

First Ability: Repair
Second Ability: Firetrap (invisible like C4, explodes a 3x3 area with fire damage, 2 round DoT 15, 5 like above)

Description: Medium size portly soldier wearing a flame retardant suit, a mask similar to Suds, dual tanks on his back, holding the flame thrower initially, can use all engineer weapons.

Flame Thrower: purchasable for 18000 or 12 Rad bucks separately

(EL-CO) #10

Heavy commando who is trained to use sniper rifles (passive ability) which enables him to use support fire more often.
Medium Agent who can spend 2 energy to extend the range of next shot +1 square (rifles only, 2 times in a game).
Heavy medic who can spend 3 energy to stabilize himself/herself (cannot be pushed for 1 turn).
Light engineer who can spend 6 energy to hunt treasures in a central area which gives some bonus coins at the end of the game. Just kidding.

(Nooby.) #11

I would like there to be someone that can use unarmed like a brass knuckle or boxing gloves and after 2-3 attacks you do a crit knock back like a huge up cut like ryu and the person ability would super buff that make every action cost one less point and enemy do less damage last 3 turn but then has a one turn kick back make move cost 1 more point and enemy do more dmg make this person a 250 hp commando unarmed weapon do a good 32 damage this person has like a kong-fu get up that would be cool

(Catnadian) #12

I had an idea for a Medium Commando wish some kind of lightning rifle that could hit an out of/Red cover target for x amount of damage and chain to close (adjacent square or one square away) unobstructed (not Yellow or Green cover) targets for much less damage, but it’s really just Archie Fletcher with a space gun and better cluster punishing. Not that that’s a bad thing, I’m just sure I could do better. Along similar lines I had ideas for a Light Engineer whose deployable could be a little rollerball that could scoot around and zap targets with a low damage, low range laser, and a Medium Medic that had smoke grenades that provided cover for/maybe slightly healed allies and enemies.

As for weapons it’d be really cool if we took one of those revolver-mag MGL grenade launchers and replaced the grenades with same-caliber buckshot, call it a 6-or-7-point shotgun. Can’t say I’d ever use it but out of novelty, but hey.

(Hot-Wire) #13

A light engineer that is able to deploy an attack robot.

The robot would cost all 12 points to deploy.

It has 300 HP and 6 energy for movement with each movement costing 1.

Its primary weapon is an energy sword (melee), which deals 35 damage up close and takes 2 energy points to use.

It also comes with 2 skills.

The first skill is a laser cannon, which it can use up to 3 times. It costs 4 energy points and deals 80 damage towards 1 target within range. It is a line of sight weapon, which can only fire at enemies that are clearly in sight. It also knocks back the enemy 1 square. It has a range of 6 squares.

The second skill is self destruct which you can detonate at any time.

Another idea I have is a light agent which can deploy a holographic decoy of him or herself.

The decoys will cost 2 points to deploy and you have 4 of them. You can only deploy 1 decoy at a time.

To deploy the decoy, simply select the decoy skill. The decoy will deploy right where your agent is standing. To move your decoy select the square you want to move them to. If you choose to move your agent first instead, double tap that spot to cycle to your agent and move him or her first.

Decoys have 12 energy points and requires 1 energy to move.

You are able to deploy the decoy when using Ghost without you or the decoy being revealed.

When ghost runs out, you and your decoy will be revealed.

The decoy has the same amount of HP as the agent when being deployed. (If the agent has 164 HP, it will have it as well) It can not be healed, repaired, burned or poisoned. It doesn’t block your team or the enemy from moving either.

A decoy is not able to attack.

The decoy will disappear either when its HP runs out or once the real agent fires his or her gun.

(Crozzton) #14

Banner bearer. Light unit handguns/submachine guns and melee choices like medics
Comes with aura of will. All friendly units around the banner bearer gains +10% damage

Banner of vision. 6 energy reveals all invisible units around the banner bearer and allows friendly units around the banner bearer to fire an additional square this turn

Rally the troops 12 energy all units gains 20% of their current energy (rounded up) (including the banner bearer) and gain 1 round of damage shield reducing all incoming damage by 15%

(X-COM) #15

Robot. Something like T-1 from Terminator but with knifes instead of miniguns.

Has 600 health points, 18 energy, it has 2x fast move ability to walk twice as fast 3 energy/square then uses 6 energy/square for moving, can only use the built in melee weapons with 3 energy and does 37 damage. 6 Stars.

(tinker) #16

actually I thought from the very beginning of the game - didn’t remember untill now - that a person with Fulllmetaljacket bullets would be nice

it should be a medium or heavy soldier / or engi / well, or even sniper - that has the usual ability (support fire, repair, ghost) + the passive ability to shoot through solid objects / objects / people and hit several characters in a row. I think the characters shots have still to be fired at a target in sight but hit everything behind that in a line ( although I imagine that the calculation of what is in line is hard)

I also think a spartan/gladiator would be awesome
soldier - 250hp - 14energy - support fire + 2 different whip attacks - nr1 does 20 dmg and pushes the target 1 cell back and nr2 does 10dmg und pulls him 1 closer - both for 2,3 or 4 energy
for each weapon he wears (still the same weapons the game has already) different designs - melee weapons may stay the same, the assault rifle is are javilins he wears, throwing 1 on attack - the pistol is represented by stones or anything else he throws.


(Sandman77) #17

Maybe tad off topic but how about some more game modes? Like Capture the flag or defend base from start then switch etc.

(Crozzton) #18

War hound 4 squad points
Very light. 18 energy 1 per move melee only (claws/bite)
150 HP 2 energy to attack damage 22 pts
Ferocity 8 energy. Crits for the reminder of the turn 3 uses
Jump 4 energy jumps over impassible terrain 3 uses

(Hot-Wire) #19

Here’s another idea.

Ninja (Light Agent)
Weapon: Karma Katana
Fatal Slash: 10 Energy. Deals 200 damage. Melee Range attack. Only hits 1 target. Can be used only once.

(S4GRAD0) #20

1.)There’s a skill in dota or defenders of the ancient named — “nether swap” I think,. But instead of magical, which i dont like to put in this game since its a modern/wacky war scenario— I totally like :slight_smile: it will be a mechanical robo-arm like the one’s that you find in a construction yard (engineer). That would be a nice ability. I think this ability would fall under engineer or agent.

2.) Or a medic that can revive a dead team mate, but only once and would render “her” (I want this medic’s avatar like a fhm nurse or something like that,. Hehehe.) immobile for one turn.

3.) a native type soldier, where he or she as an ability can blow a dart that would paralyze or incapacitate the other character. But that character will be immune to any damage or what so ever as a trade off. Well if you used it to your team mate he will become a wall for a line of sight or if you want to save that unit from being killed.

4.) another type of solder, this one makes a trap for bears or alligator,. That is an enemy stuck on it he cannot move for a turn or two but would grant that enemy unit full energy or extra energy if you like.

5.) an agent that has a back stab or garrote ability. That can only be used one time and can cause instant death to an enemy BUT must be done at the back of the enemy unit.

Hmm that’s all for now. I hope you’ll like it. Hehehehehe. More power to you RAD team! :slight_smile: