Crazy Lag 10 FPS All The Time? WTF My Brothers?

(Gorguruga) #1

My brothers, I get 10 fps in the game. I try r_primatives 1 and 2, and other commands. My game is so slow and no fun dying all the time. This isnt what I remember when I played many years ago fps was better.

I have Win 8.1 Compaq Laptop, Intel Graphics, 4GB

Now I play one round and stop the game because fps is too bad it’s no fun anymore to play. Help me bring back the good old days brothers.

(Gorguruga) #2

Hi guys, my fps is 10 all the time and ET is impossible to play. Please help. Windows 8.1, Intel Graphics 3000, 4gb Ram… I used to play on an inferior system with better fps years ago. Just go back into the game but it’s not enjoyable with such a slow frame rate.

(Gorguruga) #3

I send SOS message to my brothers in a bottle, no lags needed !

(edxot) #4

didnt use that particular system in the past, or know the specs of that GPU, or even from the CPU.
going to assume you didnt use one of those console commands that can almost stop the GPU (by disabling some important feature - to avoid/detect this, test the game with default cfg)

so …

  • are you sure the system is better ? maybe the previous computer had a separated GPU, instead of on-board.

  • anyway, you might reduce resolution, to improve FPS

(neks) #5

yep that’s the issue right there