Contracts req. too high! (aka missions)

(Ptiloui) #41

It is impossible to tell every merc who is able to earn you support xp because there are too many. Support xp are awarded by reviving, healing, resupplying ammo to teammates and spotting. Also, Guardian earn support xp for each projectile/airstrike denied by the skyshield, and Turtle got some too when enemies are shooting at the shield.

There’s no specific merc mission anymore, those are generalists now (Support, Combat, Objective or Overall) because so many mercs can earn them (as I stated sooner for support xp).

(Teflon Love) #42

You can get support XP efficiently (too lazy for pictures):

  • Healing and reviving as medic, especially Aura, Sawbonez, Phoenix, Sparks and to a limited extend Guardian (can only revive but not heal)
  • Supplying your team mates with ammunition, especially Skyhammer and Arty (ammo packs) and provided you are doing good positioning also with Stoker and Kira (ammo station). Javelin has an ammo belt but it charges comparably slowly.
  • Spotting enemies with Vassili’s heartbeat sensor, Aimee’s SNITCH device or Redeye’s infrared goggles. Hunter and Phantom probably can get a little support XP one way or another, too.

You can also get support XP with the looter perk if someone else picks up the packs you made enemies drop, but this is a lot less efficient. And you can of course revive other people as non medic but this almost always is a bad idea because it takes two players out of the game.

(Aerodrome) #43

now im rerolling only when completed
1 time
don’t care about what I got
im playing a lot anyway

(HadronZodiac) #44

Yep, playing at first is super fun. But after a while it makes you EXTREMELY pissed and even agitable. They just need to increase the quality of life parts before pushing people into the game for longer periods of time.

Edit - Ive been playing trying to do this 36k assault exp, its taken more than 24 hours and im burning up, and im lowkey annoyed D:

(Runeforce) #45

Yep, contracst are TERRIBLE! At the very least the payout should be x10 from what it is now.

(Your worst knifemare.) #46

So you want 8000 credits for a mission that usually takes 2-3 easy matches to get?

([ *O.C.B.* ] Wildcard) #47

In honesty the only ones that take me more than 1-2 matches are usually the ones that involves 60 or 120 minutes of playtime; I play Stopwatch pretty much exclusively, unless no Stopwatch servers have space, so most of the time its only the 1,000 Credit mission that takes me more than one (1) match. With Objective mode it will typically require more matches to get any of the missions done, due to the nature of the Game Mode and the impact of momentum being greater on the outcome.

(Begin2018) #48

I was playing way more before this update.

(Xenithos) #49

All of the 1,000 credits missions require a fair amount of matches from me. Getting 69,000 total exp (cough) or 30,000 combat exp is just… ugh. The 10,000 objective exp for some reason is only slightly bothersome, but then again, maybe that’s not a 1,000 credit mission and I haven’t seen how ugly it really gets.