Contracts req. too high! (aka missions)

(K1X455) #21

You forgot that stupid players still play engineers on EV defence maps instead of Medics or Fire support.

(Press E) #22

Hey, dropping a mine in front of the EV and having surprise the people escorting it once it drives over is pretty fun lol

(hawkeyeguy99) #23

After playing for about 2 days I can say that the new contracts have killed a large portion of my desire to play DB at all. The gameplay is fun yes, but I like to be working towards something achievable every time I log into a “games as service” game. In Overwatch that’s free lootboxes or levels, in Fortnite it’s the battle pass challenges, and in DB it WAS the missions. Now I can’t complete these missions in one, or even three normal play sessions and it irritates the heck out of me. Every time I log in I know that I’ll play a few matches and have nothing to show for it because my XP contracts will STILL not be completed. That’s disheartening and irritating to my OCD nature of checking things off the list. Had I been consulted on this matter (lol like SD would ever ask for my opinion) I would’ve pushed them in the direct opposite manner: provide unlimited missions that refill within 15-30 minutes for less credit rewards. This provides more incentive to play for longer as you have missions that will refill WHILE you play instead of while you aren’t, and the longer you play, the more credits you earn.

It’s exactly what they did to our beloved trade up system. Instead of seeing a positive progression loop of getting new and exciting cards with constant positive reinforcement that we are getting somewhere, now we just get to watch a number go up. Whee. They are actively taking any fun out of progression in this game to replace it with reward-less grinds.

(DB Genome editor) #24

Also, the end game display is broken and showing no progression for complete contracts:

How’s that for an extra dose of demotivation :cry:

(DarkangelUK) #25

Sorry I don’t understand, why would it show progression for complete contracts once they’re complete?

(Your worst knifemare.) #26

I think they mean that the bar doesn’t show as full while in-game, and instead appears as it is empty (or no progression).

(DB Genome editor) #27

It should appear as 100% full when completed, not empty. Right now as it is, if you don’t recall that this contract is completed already, it looks like it’s stuck at 0%.

(kopyright) #28

I think most of them are fine, but those support XP missions? What a drag…

(binderr) #29

really, you should see these from before the update… (see screen shot below)

before… 10k combat xp = 1000 credits
now… 18k or 36 combat xp = 900 or 1000 credits
before…15k total xp = 1000 credits
now… 34k or 69k total xp = 900 or 1000 credits (69k maybe bug, cause that’s ALOT! or not!)

They’ve got rid of game xp but I think ‘Objective xp’ is game xp, as before update ‘Game Mode XP’ had Objective Monkey as a title! (See screen dump)

I’m also not a fan of 30/60min contracts, games don’t have fixed time, they end fast or take full 8-15min or longer. You might have reached 29min, and just for a 1min you’d have to play another whole game for nothing.

Rather, I’de have…
Play 2 Games for 500 credits or,
Play 4 Games for 1000 credits.
Completing the games in shortest or longest time is up to you.

All I’m pointing is the huge contrast in the mission requirement we have now what was before. If SD wants to play alot of games and for longer, we want to be rewarded fairly.

Furthermore, this contract reroll system is just terrible imo. You have to wait 24 hours to get a reroll ticket, per day. that’s a load of BS if as me or you have to spend RADS! So in essence we only get 6 missions to complete in a day, compare to 12 before the way I see it.

well, that’s my opinion!

(DB Genome editor) #30

For those who may not be the math type, here’s what the curves look like for credits received vs XP gained for the various categories before and after:


  • Steep lines mean that your reward is proportionally bigger for completing more demanding missions. The old progression was typically:

    • 33% more XP = 50% more credits (750 vs 500)
    • 66% more XP = 100% more credits (1000 vs 500)
  • Shallow lines mean that the more you invest in a contract, the less benefits you get out of it. The new progression is:

    • 100% more XP (i.e. x2) = 12.5% more credits (900 vs 800)
    • 300% more XP (i.e. x4) = 25% more credits (1000 vs 800)

If anyone thinks this is a fair “effort vs reward” curve, this is exactly the same as going from a normal work week to working 24/7 non-stop for a 25% salary increase.

(NHLfan) #31

playing 120 minutes => 800 Credits
playing 30 minutes => 800 Credits

hmmmmm… :thinking:

(kopyright) #32

To be fair that’s not really different from missing 20XP in the previous mission system.

(GatoCommodore) #33

imo the old missions feels like this

i very welcome the new change since i usually play 4 hours until i fell asleep

(hawkeyeguy99) #34

From the dev video:
“We often get feedback from new players saying that it’s difficult to earn credits. With the goal of making the system friendlier and to help players feel like they’re progressing faster…”

So to make an already “difficult to earn” system friendlier you make it even harder to earn the same amount of credits… I get they’re trying to put a positive spin on things, but how does making the grind exponentially longer help us feel like we are progressing faster? Faster progression means more rewards more frequently, not identical rewards less frequently.

(binderr) #35

If they desperately want players to play for longer, why not just remove the three hour timer and allow the next set of missions to refill without waiting.
Just put a cap on the maximum number of free missions per day. If want more, players could spend credit or fragments or RADS to get more mission.

(pumpkinmeerkat) #36

Don’t mind the idea of contracts - longer time commitment vs. missions to encourage players to stay in game. I just think the rewards should scale accordingly. Will never happen but would be great if completing all contracts rewarded Rads as well. The game also needs more cosmetics linked to progression in general IMO. StatTrak™ would be a great addition to the game for instance. There isn’t much point to grinding credits at the moment.

This is the most frustrating aspect IMO.


(Teflon Love) #37

Just keep not finishing your missions and not using your credit boosters and eventually SD will see the numbers their new system caused. They did say they monitor the situation, so this should cause them to act upon it.

(NexDroid) #38

This is exactly what I’d like to see. Instead of reroll tokens, give us “mission” tokens. Every day you could complete 3 (5) sets of missons (same time like was before) which resets every time you complete all 3 missions in a set. You could use the token for another set of mission. This will increase player’s game time, because more time you play, more credits you gain.

(Aerodrome) #39

wtf is reroll
its hard to understand
I click 1 time and got

I don’t wanna rerolls
give me random and empty when all done
I dont wanna think its good contract or not
just care if its combat or support
what is support also hard to understand … need to know all mercs (wanna small preview merc pictures)

reward system also stupid
its work really strange
claim reward menu sometimes coming after a long time
don’t wanna click claim reward also

merge into 1 system

  1. progression of 1 play day
  2. support xp (merc names or icons)
  3. playing time
  4. earn xp

coz I already have a PROGRESSION of contract (time. xp) I DONT WANNA LOSE this
don’t wanna reroll at all
only wanna reroll if I wanna specific merc

guys I dont wanna do mathematics please remove this

(D'@athi) #40

Thx for making it visual for all ppl.
Really seems like the one who did the numbers, was given a calculator but had no clue about the rule of three. Typical Sd-clusterfuck, funny I am not surprised.