Continuing Server Issues (13th Sept)

(mrdisco) #41

Your posts about Multiplay should REALLY be taken in consideration. Not only they have a technical and pratical approach but they also show the god awful services that Multiplay provide.

I’m seriously eager that Splash Damage drop the Multiplay deal. If this game die today, I can’t rent official servers out of the Multiplay ecosystem, which means I’m basically effed if SD drop the support on Dirty Bomb.

Community Servers were the best thing they ever came up with but preservation of this game will be compromised if they insist in their deal with Multiplay.

(geefunkster) #42

2 servers, 1 NA East, one NA West just died. 60ms ping, lagging through walls. Fix your shit SD.

(B_Montiel) #43

I’ve held the same message for 4 years now. DB was not even on steam when I started.
But honestly, Multiplay is just putting a name on the issues. Server management was already poor during Nexon period, but still better than it is since SD took charge of it.

I heavily warned Shoe as we learned that Multiplay was the exclusive server renter for future community servers (last May, nearly 5 months ago !, which also acknowledged from where they were already renting their official public servers from).

But you know, as a true frenchman, I do have strong arguments when there’s things I don’t agree with, and rarely compliment people for what has been accomplished. I still play DB after nearly 5 years (my first screenshots are dated from november 2013) as a good sign of recognition, but my input is worth dogshit.

(mrdisco) #44

I’ve shared your input on the official reddit. I Just had to… sorry.

Thing is, considering that you spent 4 years alerting Splash Damage about this, I now question its usefulness. I’m not eager to invite you to discuss this at the subforum anymore.

This is really apalling. Until yesterday I was getting pissed with the “this game is dead” choir but now I’ve jumped the bandwagon.

(Floris) #45

Melodramatic much? Laggy servers can easily be fixed by restarting them. So if you encounter a server that lags, report it. It sucks if a server you are playing in turns laggy, but that doesn’t seem to happen too often.

The problems seem to have gotten worse after the 1.0 release, but SD already made some fixes which reduced (not solved) the problems. So it’s not like SD completely ignores the issues or abandoned the game (though they seem to have moved most of their attention elsewhere).

(mrdisco) #47

I really don’t need you around being a dick and coming with simplistic solutions to big problems.

(Floris) #48

To me the biggest problem was SD mostly abandoning the game after its 1.0 release while it was in a poor state, wasting the opportunity of having thousands of new players. Lamenting about that isn’t going to fix anything though.

I hardly encounter any laggy servers these days, but I probably play in a different time zone (GMT+7) than you. How often do you encounter laggy servers?

(B_Montiel) #49

The thing is, the way servers have been managed on dirty bomb has always been terrible, and the game always suffered from it. The hitreg is a pure joke in this game, especially for an UE3 game, mostly because they’re not even bothering looking into it.

And it can’t be solved with a restart.

(ASD) #50

restarting is not a solution! this is only shit!
auto restarting the server 2 times a day is also not a guarantie what it is not starting lagin 5min after last restart

(Floris) #51

You guys are right of course, restarting the servers is not a solution to the actual problem, it’s more like treating the symptoms of the problem.

((Pos2/3)) #52

SG servers is 3/4 fixed, fked up server now rarely happening,
And the solution for it is to move to other normal server (while fked up server restarting emself, maybe). A simple solution to enjoy DB’s last breath

-just ignore me, a thankful SG player-