Community Question: Upcoming Dirty Bomb Videos

(badman) #1

Community, we’ve released several videos of Dirty Bomb so far, teasing the setting, showing lots of gameplay, and the Echo analytics system underpinning the game. Work on the next video is already in full swing, and we wanted to get your input on what area you would like to see us tackle once that’s done. Enter this week’s Community Question:

What part of Dirty Bomb do you want to be the focus of a future video?

We’ve assembled a few common choices in the poll above - you’ve got a single vote so be sure to vote for whatever you’re most interested in. If you want to see something entirely different, let us know what it is in your reply.

(Pytox) #2

Tapirs please

(Runeforce) #3

Yeah, what makes you think we want to hear more about DB? We want to hear about SD’s support for World Tapir Day (duh.)

(SockDog) #4

I voted Levelling Up and Unlockables mainly because I think it’s something a group of people will be interested in and how it will work will be important to them.

One thing I think that would be a good video is some raw, minimally edited gameplay footage with similarly raw commentary from the devs. Dev diary sort of thing.

(Breo) #5

I was thinking about a couple things :smiley:

Update video recap changelog (closed alpha)
Developer Diary (open beta)
Cinematic trailers (before release)
Storyline (release)

(TinMan) #6

Voting maps and objectives, it’s the last main point of difference between other shooters imho.

All other fps jumped on the unlocking/leveling you guys pioneered. And on that, their systems would also muddy the waters when you try and talk about classes too.
Though I’d like to see that too, just saying you’d likely have to make sure to average joe how defined/integrated they are into the gameplay compared to all other fps.
I think doing it justice it would be hard/maybe not even wise to do it seperate maps/objectives vid without explainnig classes.

All the rest is too far from core gameplay for me to be interested in at this point.

(MikeyTWolf) #7

I’m not in yet but I want to ask something in return:

Leveling? Wait, wait wait, what leveling are we talking here? Specifically, how different is it to Brink’s design?

I’d rather there was no leveling but if you’re running a F2P game I guess you would have to do something like that to then offer goodies like boosters (how I miss the era of buy2play games), but one thing I would definitely highlight in Brink that I wished to go die in a fire?

Character limited leveling, specifically how you had to go to the main menu to switch and then start all over. Resetting your skill points in exchange for a level was a really bad idea that offered nothing in return I think but the biggest offender of the whole lot is this simple example:

Does the objective require a lot of Engineers?
Is nobody running Engineer because you didn’t spec into it?
Tough ****, your team is gimped, have fun with that.

It DESTROYS teams, please do not repeat that mistake, and enable single characters to level more freely, or enable quick-switching between dedicated class characters (best: Each class has a few skill trees and you can switch between classes on the fly and get the maximum potential from any of these classes at end-game during the same round).

(BTMPL) #8

I bet it’s something like in RtCW: Enemy Territory. You gain experience durring the mission and it only affect your character in this one mission - it doesen’t carry over to your next game.

If they stay true to ET, you will need engineers to, for example, construct / destroy barricades or repair the EV as it gets damaged. You wont have to “spec” into the engineer class to do this tasks, as even a “fresh” engineer will be able to get the task done.

Once again, this is all speculation and I bet the current alpha players wont deny nor agree with this due the NDA.

(SockDog) #9

It wasn’t the issue that a class needed a specific ability to perform the task required of that class, it was that people invested in other abilities for other classes which meant they didn’t want to give them up and be a low level engineer. I banged on about that before Brink’s release and for too long afterwards so I don’t think SD is blind to the conflict of interest there.

(MikeyTWolf) #10

Yeah, what he said.

A big part of the problem was how you couldn’t switch on the fly between characters you made in advance, but after that the amount of time it took to max out a character (I’m still like ten hundred games away from Lvl 29 to 30 (?) on my main last I checked) and the penalty for resetting, even if you bought something by accident or wanted to remix your class choices, was a huge pain and made levelling alts unappreciated.

The reason this was such a pain was because there was both a class tree and a generic tree that you couldn’t get all of the skills in both, I think, and these all directly empowered your character. While another high level Engineer could double buff your damage for you if you switched off it, lacking anything such as tactical moves and weapons to get an edge over the enemy team and lacking direct damage mechanics such as Pyro Mines and Sentries directly reduced the overall power of your team in exchange to have the ability to complete objectives as a randomly assembled team.

If I was a low level soldier, I could give ammo and plant explosives, but I wouldn’t have kevlar to increase my health, and… wouldn’t be able to spam grenades?

If I was a low level operative, I wouldn’t be able to hack enemy sentries, probably wouldn’t be able to spot, disguise or hide my presence from enemy radar.

If I was a low level engineer, I was the worst off with no deployables and a slow welding tool.

If I was a low level medic, I won’t be able to mass revive people and keep my healing at a steady rate. Although not essential to completing any objective, the very short TTK would mean pushing anywhere would be impossible.

(BrightIs) #11

I think “story & setting” and “maps & objectives” are really the same thing and should be combined and be the next video.

I would also like an update on what changes were made through contribution by individuals in the alpha.

(Erkin31) #12

Other (please specify in reply) : Details on gameplay (movements, speed, trick jump ? etc).

(SDStyLeZ) #13

Other (please specify in reply)

20 Minutes, 1 Player, ego-perspective, in a matchup like 5on5, preferably attacker

add this to possible poll-options. i think this option would got a lot of support :slight_smile:

(Ruben0s) #14

Story and setting. I have already seen the other options.

(Ixaite) #15

Story and Setting feels most appropriate at this stage for me :slight_smile:

(Nail) #16

I’m with the dobermeese Leveling and Unlocks, especially whether they’re permanent or campaign only

(Humate) #17

Oh its been a while since Ive posted in one of these.

Levelling / Unlocks

(ColdBackHAND) #18

Leveling I can’t wait for that. With leveling up you get 5 skill points per level to apply for the illusion of deep and robust character development for more satisfying combat.

Anyways, I voted for classes. I’m simply more curious about that aspect of the game currently.

(Rex) #19

I voted for: Maps and Objectives

(Leki) #20

demo recording and play back