Changes to Anti-Hack Policies - Zero Tolerance

(Volcano) #21

go on any twitch stream and you’ll see at least someone playing against an aimbotter

(Glottis-3D) #22

go on any twitch stream and you’ll see at least someone playing against an aimbotter[/QUOTE]

Hacker ragequits!!

made my day.

(titan) #23

Any news on anti-cheat? Hackers ruining a huge percentage of MM games… most are high lvl as well :frowning:

(Protekt1) #24

I’ll second that. I decided to solo queue today for ranked, and I haven’t played much ranked lately, but 3/5 games had blatant cheating.

(Volcano) #25

lets see how long nexon support takes to respond

(Glottis-3D) #26


lets see how long nexon support takes to respond[/QUOTE]

yuo will prbbly never find out.
“Jun 14, 5:21 AM
He uses aimbot to get fast credits and ranks, and sell accounts.”

“Jun 15, 1:19 PM
Hello Player,
We appreciate you taking a proactive role in keeping our game cheater free. Our investigations team will review your report and determine the appropriate actions.”

“Jun 16, 2:40 AM
Can you inform me on whether this guy gets a ban?”

“Jun 17, 4:06 PM
Unfortunately we are unable to share that information.”

“Jun 18, 3:50 AM
Then why would one even care to help you guys in cheater-busting, if he doesnt see the outcome, if he doesnt see whether he did something for the game or not?”

“Jun 18, 3:20 PM
I understand your view on this, unfortunately we are unable to give the outcomes of player reports.”

“Jun 21, 2:04 AM
Your request (#xxxxx) has been closed.”

(Mustang) #27

Haha, genuinely hilarious.

(prophett) #28

Give me rcon!!!

(Nail) #29

xignpoop hasn’t caught 1 cheater but stops about 25% of players joining, someone explain why it is still even on

(prophett) #30

Not sure which is the bigger joke - Xign or the Nexon reporting method. The only effective way i’ve seen getting cheaters dealt with is directly reporting to SD with the proper evidence.

(stealth6) #31

They should remove the code behind Xign and just leave the splashscreen - same effect :smiley:

(Mustang) #32

They actually did this for a long time whilst it was in “reporting mode”, needless to say it worked perfectly. :stroggbanana:

(Protekt1) #33

I ran into a level 29 cheater on an EU server this morning. They are either waiting to get a ton in one fell swoop or just not doing much at all.

(BomBaKlaK) #34

this is a big mess … everyone think everyone is cheating
and there is a lot of cheater still running around …

(Volcano) #35

i really hope you get onto this hacking issue you are shooting yourself in the ****ing foot for incompetence but we know nothing is going to come so gg


(Protekt1) #36

I’ve heard NX say they are working on the cheater problem. We’ll just have to wait and see at this point to see if they can deliver.

(spookify) #37

Yeah ran into two cheaters yesterday…

(Protekt1) #38

One day I ran into about 3 or 4. And 3 of my 5 ranked matches were with clear cheaters. But last couple days I haven’t seen a single one. Well, I have suspicions but never confirmed them about maybe 1.

(BomBaKlaK) #39

And you can’t kick any hackers !!! Vote is useless !!!
No server rental / No admin => Anarchy in th UK !


(prophett) #40

Thread should be renamed to “Changes to Anti-Hack Policies - Zero Consequence”.

High level blatant cheaters still playing makes any anti-cheat effort a laughing stock (assuming there is actual effort being put into anti-cheat, which there isn’t in DB’s case).