Changes to Anti-Hack Policies - Zero Tolerance

(Chris Mullins) #1

As Dirty Bomb approaches Open Beta, we’re kicking up our ban policies a notch to combat the issue of hackers. Any player that is detected as hacking will be permanently banned from Dirty Bomb. Whether they were caught through our anti-cheat program, via a GM’s monitoring or through an investigation triggered by a player report, the result will be the same: Do not pass go, do not collect $200, proceed directly to the incinerator.

To help your fellow players out, please vote-kick any hackers in-game and report them (find out how here). Additionally, we are instituting round the clock GM monitoring and support, to watch out for hackers and other abusive players (remember, don’t be a d*ck!).

Stay tuned! We will be updating you with our progress and further actions that’ll be taken as time goes on.

(Anti) #2

Do you have any videos of them or user names?

(BMXer) #3

Most players don’t have recording software running when they play. Most of these cheaters are using odd characters for their name that don’t even show up in game. Recording video and keeping track of these idiots names is next to impossible for %99 of the player base. You must know this already…?.. right?

Your game is riddled with hackers. At the very least, I run into 1 per day on publics and MM. Everyone said Nexon was free2cheat and it seems they were correct! Dirty Bomb is the next Combat Arms when it comes to how easy it is to cheat with no consequences.

(Nail) #4

seems xignpoop may be more concerned with network modifiers, macros/auto clickers and NX manipulation

(NoSoup4U) #5

The site where you can report cheaters needs to be looked at: It’s a mess.

  • You need a Nexon account to submit a report: Seems to be an extra hurdle if you just want to file a report.
  • Once logged into your Nexon account, going to the Support/Report Page sometimes doesn’t let you stay logged in, and you have to log in again: This isn’t entirely obvious, and yet again could be a possible hurdle, as people expect the page is not working or down.
  • There’s no (known) option to see what server you’re currently on: The ‘Server Name’-field that needs to be filled in , needs to be either removed or have a proper description.
  • The feedback/action takes too long: I’ve submitted one on Saturday (an obvious hacker/troll, 99/2 at the end) with a screenshot, and a thorough as possible description, and still have not heard back. This means the dude has been able to ruin games for three days since it was reported.

So yeah, this doesn’t make me hopeful in that it’s worth my time to report these hackers in the future.
Also, does XignCode do hardware bans? Or can a dedicated troll create a new Steam account and get back to his trollin’ again?

FYI: “Bugger King au Pays”, Saturday the 6th of June, around 18:45-19:00 GMT on (possibly) a European server, trolling the **** out of people.

(BomBaKlaK) #6

Already check with miss murder on the official forum cause the names are :

[DEV] Missmurder
[DEV] Criticalix
[DEV] Ruined

I don’t have any vidéo of them but they were inta kill 6 peoples in a second, and sometimes shoot through walls like the last cheater I saw : Xsimorf who shoot everyone (instakill) from the MG nest on the ramp you can build in White chappel. Like this :

Most of the times when we saw a cheater we left the server to find another one to play, already try to report via the report website … look like a waste of time. Anti cheat need some improvement, this is the only way.

(Nail) #7

posting hack sites is contrary to forum policy, please remove

(BomBaKlaK) #8

I think he’s the guy providing the hack … Seriously … even here ! and none of the hackers hide it, they make some promotion “in-game” also …

Winter is coming …

(NoSoup4U) #9

Just noticed I got a reply from Nexon’s support:

Hello Player,

Thank you for contacting Nexon America Customer Support I apologize for the delay in response.

We appreciate you taking a proactive role in keeping our game cheater free. Our investigations team will review your report and determine the appropriate actions.

If you require further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

Thank you and have a great day.

GM Radrodo
Nexon America, Inc.

Security Tip: Please do not give your password to anyone for any reason. Nexon America representatives will NEVER ask you for your password.

So yeah, I guess I won’t be bothering to report any more players in the future with this form, and just wait until the actual in-game reporting tools will be available.

(Shadwblade2652) #10

Why are you stuck with XIGNCODE, just curious? it seems like there are much better methods than xign, yet it feels like nexon has just pushed the sh**ty anticheat on us because it’s the one they use.

Why not VAC? Hell, even punkbuster could probably do a better job.

(Nail) #11

I believe as Nexon supplies and runs the servers, anti cheat was a responsibility they took on, xignpoop is obviously not up to the task and Nexon agrees somewhat, at least in theory

(prophett) #12

Have come across 2 in two days in MM. They all seem to prefer Rhino for some reason (probably for the unlimited ammo). Fun stuff…

Other team couldn’t kick him for some odd reason. He also had strange characters in his name.

(titan) #13

fix the hacking get some anti cheat plz

(BioSnark) #14

found a hacker who was higher level than me D:

(Volcano) #15


(Glottis-3D) #16

more like Zero tolerance for cheat-proving videos on Nexon forums.

(BomBaKlaK) #17

Without server rental and admin I don’t see any good futur for DB …
Votekick is so useless, and report players is a pain in the ass

(light_sh4v0r) #18

Bonuspoints for Retracked music :slight_smile:

(MoonOnAStick) #19

I experienced two hackers in the space of three mm games last night, so at least some have discovered that match-making is a more fruitful avenue for trolling than public (No spectate, no votekick, 20 minute game defending first, if any of the opposition leave they get a timeout from mm :tongue:).

I uploaded a few videos and emailed Nexon support when the beta was still closed but I’ve stopped doing that. Creating a Nexon account, then spending half an hour uploading for some toe rag who’ll be back tomorrow is hopelessly inefficient.

(Protekt1) #20

[QUOTE=prophett;530922]Have come across 2 in two days in MM. They all seem to prefer Rhino for some reason (probably for the unlimited ammo). Fun stuff…

Other team couldn’t kick him for some odd reason. He also had strange characters in his name.[/QUOTE]

I saw one hacker claim he could disable votekicking. And the other team said they couldn’t votekick. So… hmm.