cFn's Tradeables "NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS!"

(cFn) #1

Any changes will be logged in the first post.

Of course there are some cards that will be hard to get off my hands due me probably working on a merc with said weapons for example that golden deagle I got in pristine.

As far as what I am looking for. My wants do tend to change from time to time. Whatever peaks my interest I suppose

Fire away and offer here. My schedule is very random!

Edit 23SEP : New Wants!

Smjüth & Whetsman .40 | KMA Streamline | Pristine

SHAR-C | Aquila Legion | Pristine

(rosully) #2

@cFn I know you said pristine only but just so you know I have a refined grandeur prototype in case your interested or if polishing is announced.

(cFn) #4

I need to update what I have. I just got home from work and its 930am currently for me so It’ll have to be updated later in case. Also have the FEL-IX in green as well I think.

(V E G A) #6

are specialedition tradeable?
like nuclear winter and contrabanned?

I got gold axe, bronze axe, beckhill batoons and ulu, sliver beackhill.

for weapons I got
corsec: timik prestine and hoigat worn
KMA: smg9 scarred, kek-10 scared and hollunds scared
Alice: smjuth standard
royal force: hurstall 2k scarred, ahnuhld-12 scarred
aquila: selbstant scarred
nuclear winter: M4A1 and smg 9
Contrabanned: timik

(cFn) #7

As of right now the special editions are not tradable.

I just woke so give me a bit and I’ll let you know while updating my thread. As of now I’m taking everything off.

Edit: Now open for business!

(V E G A) #8

cFn can you send me your steam trade link? and we can discuss further.

(cFn) #9

hmm actually that does make my life a hell of a lot easier. Its updated in the first post.

(V E G A) #10

OK send me your trade link or accept my friend request on steam

(V E G A) #11

OK add me on steam cFn I sent a friend request

(Meerkats) #12

I have a pristine Dragon Force Ahnuld-12; interested in pristine Aquila primaries ( bronze ).

(geefunkster) #13

Interested in trade, steam invite sent.

(DB Genome editor) #14

Things you have I’d be interested in:

  • Alice Caulden
  • Alice Stark
  • Aquila M9
  • CoreSEC Selbstadt
  • KMA DE.50
  • Royal Force Ahnuhld-12
  • Royal Force Caulden
  • Royal Force KEK-10

For those skins you have in more than one finish, I would obviously prefer the best one, but I would also consider the others if the price is right.

If you’re still looking for a KMA Grandeur, I have a Refined one. Otherwise, I’ve got a bunch of other stuff: My wish list

(cFn) #15

I edited my post.

@Meerkats - Not interested in the shotgun atm. Sorry!

@geefunkster - Already talked on steam.

@Djiesse - Um… the only thing I’m like 30% interested in is that Aquila Empire-9 in Pristine. Lay me an offer.


Defender shar-c


M4 OD scarred?

(cFn) #17

@panytnaa I already have that M4 while another one would be nice, I just got the Shar-C and I’m liking it.

@Djiesse Trade is done.

I have new wants.

Smjüth & Whetsman .40 | KMA Streamline | Pristine

SHAR-C | Aquila Legion | Pristine

(cFn) #18

bump with new wants