Cant play ETQW online Win 10

(Socke) #1


I wanted to play ETQW after a few years break. I also managed to install it on win 10. However I can not play online. Does anyone else play the game? On Gametracker still some servers are visible. What do I have to do under win 10 to be able to play online?
I attache an screeshoot where you can see that i

can not choose the online option.
In my router all ports for ETQW are open of curse. I have no idea how can bring ETQW to run online. I´m one on the oldest player, but i have vergotten the most :slight_smile: I have not forgotten how good the game is and that’s why I wanted to play it again after so many years.

(REA987) #2

This happens since April 2018 update of Windows 10. Just sent you a message about it.

(Socke) #3

Ok i will contact the publisher via twitter. thanx!

Some minutes later.
I tweet to ID Software and to Bethesda.

(REA987) #4

I doubt this would ever work. Bethesda/ZeniMax doesn’t care about the game, they even unlisted in on digital stores… I posted you the solution.

(Socke) #5

I will ban these companies from my shopping cart!