Cannot log into TAW Custom Server

(Wl) #1

Hi there, I cannot log into TAW Custom Server. When I click on it, the game restarts. Then I have to click on it again and a window shows, prompting me to allow a download. But when I click on OK, nothing happens. It seems like pressing the OK button does not work. I play the Linux version on FreeBSD.

The last line from the output from the console after leaving the game looks like this:

game pak download request pending, use acceptDownload or denyDownload to continue
------------ Game Shutdown -----------

(REA987) #2

That’s a cross-platform bug which I am unsure about the cause. Open and close the console, then accept downloads.

(ressected) #3

Happy to see you are on linux. Both me and REA are on linux. Like REA said sometimes you have to drop the console down / up again to be able to click on accept download. It’s a strange window focusing issue.
Adding "seta net_clientDownload “2” in your config or by typing into the console can help too. On first connect the game will download the mod code first (small pk4) then restart to load it then will reconnect and download the map data, which initially is largish at about 3 gigs. We often change up campaigns and add new maps so usually connecting to our matches there will be a small additional download, but should be seamless if you enable the seta net_clientDownload “2” in your config.

Hope to see you in game.