Can you help me, pleas? I still can´t connect to any server

(CErlbeck) #1

Hello everyone. Can you please help me? I always get the message: Game Code ( ui_mp_x86.dll ) failed pure Server check. When I try to connect, Et loads needed files from server I try to connect, and after downloading it disconnects with the shown failure Code. Can anyone help me, please? Thx

(ryven) #2

The one of the following solution could probably resolve the issue:

  • Run the game as Administrator
  • Install game out of Program Files directory
  • Install ETLegacy
  • Make ET.exe shortcut with the next arguments: +set fs_homepath C:/ETStuff
    (Or any other path, eg. C:/Users/AccountName/Documents/ET, should also probably make sure the folder exists)
  • Manually extract dlls from the mod paks(eg. jamod.pk3) in the mod directory (eg. in W:ET/jaymod)
    (the downloaded paks are probably somewhere in “~\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory”)
  • (?) Lower UAC level, not recommended though
  • Probably there are other options