Bushy's turret


Should it be reworked? Not in terms of functionality, so much as “quality of life” changes. As it is, it’s probably one of the roughest abilities in the game. And considering bush is free now, not only is that lack of polish one of the first things new players see in the game, but it’s also not great when your team has 3 bushwhackers.
The turret just isn’t fun to shoot at, it feels like trying to unload a clip into a wall. When you shoot at an enemy they can run out of ammo and use melee or reload, blood flies out, they make noises, and there’s also a head to hit for an extra challenge. Hell, even turtle’s shield, which literally is a wall, is more reactive than the turret, it actually shows when it’s damaged.

So how would I improve the experience?

  • Add some effects and sounds to the damaged turret. Sparks, smoke, electrical noises, make the light flash, etc.
  • Add in some kind of armor effect. Shoot certain parts of the turret enough and it’s armored casing falls off, making that area more easily damageable. Dynamic destruction, plus a higher skill ceiling for destroying one. Although I understand if that’s too much work.
  • Turn off the light when the turret is destroyed so new players don’t keep shooting at it at range. I’d also like to see the light get smaller at longer range so it doesn’t cover the entire turret in glare
  • Turn the ability to “reclaim” a turret the moment it blows up into an actual mechanic, and stop it from falling through the floor. The turret shouldn’t be a place and forget ability, and rewarding a bush for sticking near their turret is a great mechanic. Makes him far more unique in terms of playstyles
  • Allow the player to rotate the turret before they place it, or if that’s not possible, make it face the player so you can place it where you want it more easily.
  • Give the turret an HP bar if dynamic destruction isn’t possible. Like turtle’s shield, knowing approximately how much damage you still have to do makes fighting it far less tedious, especially since the sturdy perk is a thing and you won’t be able to know how much damage a turret can take.

Nothing really too major, and I can understand if it’s not a priority, but I’d love to see his turret become a more interesting target, especially since he’s a new player’s first impression of the game now that he’s free. Any thoughts?

(ZaZa) #2

Overall I think good adjustments for the torret itself, I’d love to see some kind of HP bar on them Health/Ammo stations and Torret as well, maybe it’s just me, but yeah, once again, nice thoughts of you.


Oh yeah, I meant to talk about the HP bar too. Adding it to the post lol

(K1X455) #4

Maybe make the turret mountable by other mercs?


Idk, it would be an interesting idea, but something like that would completely change how the game plays out so I didn’t really touch on it

(K1X455) #6

did you know that Bushwhacker’s turret is Thunder’s MK46 on a tripod with infinite ammo and aimbot?

(PariahDog) #7

I just want to be able to rotate the damn thing.

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #8

I’m down for any QoL changes when it comes to pretty much anything in Dirty Bomb, but I agree with pretty much all of this.
Some things may be too much to ask for, at least right now, but some visual damage would be cool. Even if it’s just sparks or smoke.

(HadronZodiac) #9

and similar hp

One annoying thing is how long the model lasts after its destroyed, if it existed a bit shorter and showed more visual effects than it being slightly misaligned and a bit of smoke id be fine


That’s why I mentioned turning off the light once it gets destroyed lol. No more of that continuing to glow so bright it covers the entire turret from range

(k3endo) #11

To Add to this, i would really like some guidance when placing the turret to the exact angle the turret can spot enemies, like how in TF2 there are dotted lines on the floor to demonstrate where a sentry/minisentry will be able to shoot down to a T. It would make it all a whole lot easier for turret placement.

(Bubameyang) #12

Turret is OP now. It gets three seconds at max to remove 100HP, which is to much.

(kopyright) #13

If you keep standing in its line of fire long enough to lose 100HP it’s not the turret’s fault.

(ZaZa) #14

Most of the times a torret is taken down quite easily and fast, so it got its downsides as well and sure it will work even faster having an augment called ‘Lock on’ which makes the torret react 30% more quickly.

Anyways, comparing his ability to other mercs, I wouldn’t say the torret is OP, of course if you’re standing in-front of it, it’s dangerous, mostly used near plant location not on longer distances, since it is easily destructible and noticeable.

(Meetrock) #15

I’ve honestly always thought Bushwhacker’s turret is useless most of the time, it works perfectly if its put in a tight spot with no possible way to peak at it and shoot it and with an intense game where players can’t really tell if there is a turret around.


It’s good when you’re flanking. You can basically imagine it as a backup teammate in your pocket. Get behind the enemy team, place a turret and start shooting. Only problem is that bush doesn’t seem like the type of merc who would be good at flanking with his slow speed and generic SMGs, so it’s not a very obvious strategy and you rarely see it used. Most experienced players who do know of it don’t even play bush much either.
It’s also used well when covering a t-shaped chokepoint on the opposite side of you. Enemies come out, and you can shoot them from the left while your turret deals with the right, making it difficult for lone players to pass.

The issue with the turret is that it’s used best with its bushwhacker nearby, but it’s not really an encouraged strategy. Most people just place their turret in some far away corner and expect it do do their work for them, but of course that doesn’t work if the enemies just repeatedly back around a corner and take a couple shots. You need an actual teammate there to get the most out of it. That’s why I suggested allowing players to reclaim it right as it gets destroyed as a proper feature, that way you’re encouraged to use it and get the most out of it.

(Zolerox) #17


Light starts to dim as it loses health.

p.s On the current broken servers with all the teleporting the turret get’s kills easily

(Oxayotl) #18

THIS! Most important thing in the list. Faster “turret is destroyed” animation/visual change is close second.

Especially the first one looks like a very basic thing with no hidden complication gameplay or technical implications, but would improve the game quite a lot!

(bgyoshi) #19

Disagree with the reclaiming bit, but this second bit is easily solved by giving the turret ammo. When the turret runs out, you either stand beside it to replenish it from your own primary ammo cache, or pick up and replace the turret. You’d also have to make it so that your old turret must be destroyed or picked up before you can place a new one

(K1X455) #20

How about +1 damage when Bushwhacker is within 10m of the turret?