Bushy's turret


Idk, passive type abilities that don’t really make sense would seem out of place in DB. Like with reclaiming it when it gets destroyed, I guess you could think of it as bush salvaging the turret before it bursts into flames or whatever, but magically increasing damage wouldn’t really be an obvious thing.

Idk, unless you gave it a pretty low ammo pool, I’d still expect to see players placing a turret and then leaving, only to check back up on it when it does run out. And if it did have a low enough ammo pool that you couldn’t do that, it would become more of a hassle than anything, especially if you were giving it your own ammo (bush isn’t a firesupport either, would seem kinda weird). Having to pick up your turret first wouldn’t help that either.
If you were to give it ammo, it would probably need a buff to keep it from turning into more of a hassle than it’s worth. But any buff to range/HP/damage/etc would probably make it a very annoying ability to deal with, especially for new players. That’s why I suggested reclaiming, it doesn’t directly impact how the turret preforms, it just gives you an added bonus to encourage players who make the most out of it

Dimming might be a bit too subtle at range, especially for new players. And if it got too dim, it might become hard for them to distinguish it from the background at a distance.

Might be a better idea to just make it flash and bug out, like turtle’s shield does

(bgyoshi) #22

The turret ability is place and forget because there’s nothing to encourage the player to come back to it. There’s no incentive to pick up the turret as it gets destroyed because the cooldown on it is the same. Players will still forget it and stop trying to pick it up before it dies, since they’ll just place it again.

The only way to make the turret not be a place and forget item is to force players to baby it in some way. Feed it ammo, repair it, or require it to be picked up before it can go back down somewhere else. If that doesn’t seem ideal then just leave it as a place and forget item, like all of the other abilities are.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #23

His turret is weak, there’s usually time to turn around and destroy it while it’s shooting you in the back. I usually set up a crossfire with myself and the turret, getting more kills than just leaving it alone and expecting it to do all the work.

(PariahDog) #24

The is a cooldown reduction if you do recover the turret.

I’d rather it be place and forget than turn into a camp behind it maintaining it (gunhumping in TF2 terms)

(HadronZodiac) #25

Ive actually had a merc idea with turrets that acted like this, would be interesting to see


You do get reduced cooldown if you pick it up right as it gets destroyed though. Right now it’s kinda buggy, I’m just saying turn it into an actual game mechanic. That way placing it down in a firefight and collecting it as it gets destroyed can become a properly supported tactic, so a skilled player can have a 10-15 second cooldown instead of a 35 second one or whatever it is

Rather than something like ammo which would force a bush to stay close to their turret, this just gives them a bonus if they do, that way it won’t annoy as many already established bush players and can help him be a better teammate. There’s nothing wrong per say with leaving your turret down and wandering off, it’s just a shame to see every bush do the same thing because they don’t know any other ways to play him

(PariahDog) #27

Or covering a separate angle to catch someone in a crossfire.

(Your worst knifemare.) #28

I dont see why I should be punished if I’m using my turret to kill flankers while I’m busy in a firefight.

(bgyoshi) #29

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IIRR the cooldown increases as the turret takes damage but doesn’t increase beyond the maximum current cooldown. If the turret is destroyed, you can’t pick it up. If you pick it up just before it gets destroyed, you might get an extra second or two off the timer. But I could be crazy too.

In any case, if you ask me, just make the turret actually lethal with the caveat that you can only place it every 30 seconds and have to pick it back up or let it be destroyed before you can place another.

That way when people dunk it down in a firefight, I might actually have to shoot it first before I shoot them.

I don’t mind the place and forget mentality of it.

(Teflon Love) #30

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(Oxayotl) #32

69% lol

(ZaZa) #33

Also one more thought, few times when we have same mercs within the same team, they can deploy an ability item next to yours for example, I think it’d be great to like add what you’ve said and like also add merc’s nick for example in a small font on them items, it could also be great if you saw a misplaced deployment and then you’d know to whom it belongs to, just a thought.

(Florisjuh) #34

I mostly like the turret as it is, though I’d prefer if Bush couldn’t place it while being under fire. It sucks if you are in a 1vs1 with Bush and he drops a turret so now you have two targets to deal with. Even worse when you are a weak merc like Sparks who cannot easily damage the turret.

Also, maybe the turret should shoot at side objectives like generators? Most mercs can damage those, like by shooting rockets or even throwing mines.

(bgyoshi) #35

Pro tip: Ignore the turret in these situations. It’s so slow to deploy, super weak, low hp, and placing it forces Bushy to lose vital shooting time. Kill the Bushy first and get the turret after. It’s just a distraction to make you shoot the turret instead of him, but if you ignore it, you basically can’t lose a 1v1 against a Bushy that does it.


That definitely is a good idea. Would help out new players a lot, who see these deployables lying around and wonder which merc they belong to.
I’d also like to see some details like whether or not the deployable has lockon/sturdy/potent packs/whatever, cause if you have two auras, knowing which medstation will heal you more without having to test it yourself is useful


Idk, I actually like it. Bush isn’t exactly a combat merc on his own, giving him a decoy in combat helps him out quite a bit.
The turret itself isn’t too hard to deal with, but it forces you to find cover and re-evaluate the situation.
If no one else is around, I usually run behind it before it turns on so I can fight the bush and not have the turret shooting at me. If there are other enemies nearby and I can’t run behind the turret, usually better to fall back behind cover and either wait for the bush to come to you, or pop out and take potshots at the turret.
Sure you can’t just tank the damage like some mercs, but moving in and out of cover you should be able to take care of it pretty easy. I think it only takes 3 revivr shots to deal with the turret, though even a pistol works.

Would be interesting, but I’d be wary about giving something with infinite ammo and no reloads free rein over an objective. Sure normal guns damage it too, but that’s supposed to be more of a last resort.

The turret’s targeting system would also have to be reworked too. As it is now, it locks onto a person and keeps firing, which would mean placing it in sight of an objective would stop the turret from targeting any enemies until the objective is destroyed. Considering the turret is mostly used to guard these objectives, that probably wouldn’t be ideal.

Ultimately it’s not really necessary though. We have so many mercs already who can easily destroy objectives, we don’t really need more