Burst RIfles

(Zack) #1

I didn’t you guys were intending on completely destroying the BR weapons…

(watsyurdeal) #2

Yea, honestly 167 ms delay between bursts would have sufficed.

But then again they did buff the damage, so it’s totally possible to one burst everything from a Aura to a Vasilli

(Yes) #3

I’m not liking the look of the changes either.

(yusayu) #4


(yusayu) #5

Why? They were pretty good before, i liked to use them (especially because they were the only usable weapon on Kira, who i mainly play), but now they feel completely unfitting. The only two mercs who are ever going to use Burst Fire Rifles are Arty and Kira (Skyhammer has M4), so why not make one of them be the fast-firing cool one to use for fast gameplay and lots of melee/midrange fights and one to be the long-range camper thingy both are now. Instead change both of them and they still feel like basically the same weapon.

Now you might say, you just need to control the bursts right and thats what im doing already but the problem is that after the 1st shot the weapon has a horizontal inaccuracy you cant balance for (because its random) while for the recoil you can balance. This naturally leads to missing shots due to randomness which was fine before. But now you have to pay so much for one missed shot, and making a weapon that is inaccurate by nature a long-ranged weapon doesnt seem to be such a good idea either.

Now, if they removed the inaccuracy during bursts and just kept the recoil while reducing time between bursts id be kinda fine with it. Still feels wrong to use them especially on a fast Merc like Kira. Totally underwhelming in close range fights.

So, really, why this stupid change?! New merc and all is cool but this totally destroyed the hype for the update on me.

(watsyurdeal) #6

I think they were just trying to prevent the mouse wheel exploit…but, a simple RoF reduction would have been enough. Like 167 ms would have done plenty.

(Faraleth) #7

Moving to weapon discussion… ^.^

(yusayu) #8

I think they were just trying to prevent the mouse wheel exploit…but, a simple RoF reduction would have been enough. Like 167 ms would have done plenty.

Then maybe they should fix the exploit instead of making the weapons just stupid.

(watsyurdeal) #9


(BloodyGustav) #10

Just made a Stroker silver loadout with a StarkAR because i didn’t know about the change yet and i was kinda shocked when i pulled the tricker.

Loved it befor on Kira but now i have to get a other loadout for her too.

If you really tried to make it “different” then congratz, because it’s now the worst Assaultrifle in the game. :#

(HoopleDoople) #11

Well, I’m so glad I dropped nearly 50k credits getting Arty and a loadout for him. I thought he was a blast to play, but he was difficult to use effectively at close range. It sure sounds like he’s going to be even further gimped at it now. Explain to me again why it is OK for the M4 to be awesome for everything but the burst fire ARs are for long range only?

(Dustaz) #12

Not sure what You guys wanted to do, but I feel like BR-16 is just unplayable right now. Automatic rifles were already better, it’s even worse now, especially at closer ranges. This change just destroyed burst rifles.

Time to use M4 loadout I guess.

(CCP115) #13

I told you… I told you all!

You shouldn’t have touched the damn BR-16. It was absolutely fine, you hear me?

I gotta say though… 17 damage? Multiply by two? Then by three? That’s 102 damage.

Burst rifles are really precision now. Before you could spam them, but not anymore. I have to wait till I get ingame to give them a try.

Also the Stark is still terrible, 108 damage per burst. That’s stupid, it doesn’t do anything that the BR-16 can’t.

(KattiValk) #14

My poor Kira loadout is now trash. :disappointed:

(yusayu) #15

So, after trying a bit more im still really pissed.
Feels wrong to use.
The M4 is still the best weapon in the game so this nerfed just Kira and Arty - two of the weakest mercs.
Either revert the changes now, or give us a ‘switch fire mode’ button to select the setting we wish to use.
Also, buff the damage on both settings, it should have way higher DPS than the M4, simply cause Burst Rifles are way less accurate and more difficult to use.

(Zack) #16

Yeah seriously they leave the kek and the m4 alone but mess with the guns on the mouse underused mercs. Makes sense.

(Maverix) #17

Just used the BR-16. It’s garbage now. Why did they even touch the burst weapons? It makes no sense!

(B_Montiel) #18

I will need spending more time to have a definitive feeling about this burst rifle change. I was using them often and quite well before. Now I have to relearn using them. But I feel like they will be definitely weaker than they were at the end if they don’t receive more to compensate the lose in cycle rate.

About this change, well, there’s not only the mousewheel exploit to get a work on, as the Br-16 was starting to be a truly good choice for Skyhammer and Fragger.

I think the idea behind making the cycle rate slower and the damage increase was probably to turn burst rifles as more specialist/situational weaponries, not just stronger-dps-with-downsides alternatives to the M4/Timik duo. Thus putting Kira and Arty in between Vassili and Skyhammer/Fragger, almost at the same spot Red-Eye is. In my mind, that’s not a bad idea, but they’ll be locked into this place, pretty much like Red-Eye, and they might get under-used. Future will tell.

By the way, in closed beta, Stoker originally had Timik, Stark and Br-16 available. Making M4 available instead of the br-16 puts him on exact par with Skyhammer. Putting 4 support mercs in almost the same spot (set aside stark/br16 for stoker/sky), is also a mistake. So they increased differences between stark/br16 and m4/timik.

(cornJester) #19

Unpopular opinion but I like the new BR-16 and it can be really nice when you get the timing down. All about the timing and accuracy now. Getting headshots with it absolutely wrecks and it feels powerful but a lot slower. I like the new BR-16 but I need to try the Stark.

(Blackers) #20

Cobalt Kira loadout i have now is utter trash :confused: been rolling with that loadout every match since the beta went live on Steam. It feels like an attack on Kira and Arty users, and i just don’t understand it. so what if people use scroll wheel to fire or macros, it’s always gonna happen. people have no skill and they need to exploit, welcome to gaming, and mostly welcome to Free 2 Play, it happens, but don’t make the legit loyal players suffer for it.