Basic BBCode - Updated!

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Hello! Welcome to gg2ez’s “BBCode basics” guide. In this guide I will (hopefully) be teaching you how to use some easy BBCode.

So what is BBCode?

BBCode is a markup language that is commonly used on forums (like this) to format posts. If you’re reading this on the desktop version of the DB Forums, when you go to post a comment you should see under the text input box the words: “You can use BBCode in your post”. Currently, I believe the default format for the mobile version of the DB Forums is “TextEx” by default but that’s a post for another time. You can find the Wikipedia article on BBCode by clicking “here”.

Let’s get started!

OK, so here are the most common uses of BBCode.

Let’s cover each if these individually.


In order to use Hyperlinks, you must use:

[insert text here](insert URL here)

If used correctly, it should turn out like this: Click here.

Text flavour

In order to use text flavour you should use:

[b]insert text here[/b]


[i]insert text here[/i]


[s]insert text here[/s]

There are buttons in the hotbar above the text box that will lay down the tags for you.

Text colour
In order to change the colour of your text, you must use the tags:

[color=insert color here]insert text here

You can find a list of colours here: click


To post images you must use the assigned tags and the image’s URL. The tags are as follows:

insert URL here


There are two basic types of videos you can post with BBCode. You must use the assigned tags and the video ID.
YouTube: ID here

Google Videos:

[gvideo]insert ID here[/gvideo]


Lists are your greatest ally when trying to prove your point. If you have a list of arguments you want to post, a list is what you need! Lists are a bit trickier to do than the previously displayed techniques because it involves the use of 3+ tags.
Dot point list:

[*] Insert text

Bonus tip: You can make your list numbered if you use


instead of



Of course you can always expand your lists by adding in more [*].

You can use other BBCode within a list.


A spoiler is basically a box that hides text until it’s “show” button has been hit. In order to make a spoiler, use the following tags.

[spoiler]insert text here[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Pretty cool, isn’t it?[/spoiler]

You can use other BBCode within spoilers.

Font Size

Text can be resized by using:

[size=insert number]insert text[/size]

Combining BBCode

Tags can be stacked on top of eachother. An example is:


Which yields something like this.


So after reviewing all these tags you may of noticed a pattern: To start a technique you use [insert tag] and to end it you just add a “/” to the tag like this: [/insert tag].

And I guess that sums up DB Forums “Basic BBCode” for now!

Perhaps in the future even more BBCode will be enabled in this forum and if that ever happens, feel free to come back and check for some more tutorials!

Happy coding! -gg2ez

W.I.P. More stuff to be added.

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@terminal Top of the class. Too bad the [noparse] tag doesn’t work on DB Forum’s BBCode. :stuck_out_tongue: now I can’t display my tricky mlg bb skillz. Ah well, I’ll find a way.

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[font=Comic Sans MS]font[/font]





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I’m not done yet, I’m sure I will be able to help a few people out once the guide is completed.

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nice guide but i think you better link to a guide eg. no need for retyping :wink:
some bb-code didn´t work in this forum and i think mods don´t care about (that could be the reason why we still have this pissed code window)

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Updated. Added Hyperlinks, Text Flavour, and Text Colour.

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[spoiler] You should add spoilers [/spoiler]

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@Frogteam I will… [spoiler]EVENTUALLY[/spoiler]

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  • Added BBCode stacking.