Back to the greatest game of all time...

(Nagromme) #1

I didn’t think the Mac version still ran on the latest machines… but (after an audio tweak) it does, so I’m back! And I’m glad to see a few servers still running!

I assume anyone still playing is a hardcore pro beyond what I ever was at my peak.

Now, after years away, what’s the best way to jump back in (after some bot refresher time) without “ruining the game” for others?

(Pliscin-7) #2

honestly there are a lot bad players. Not trying to be offencive but people who litterly just hide and flyer drone all game or just rocket launcher the whole game so dont worry to much about being bad buddy just enjoy the game as long as you can. hf

(REA987) #3

You might want to check the 1.5 update for macOS.

BTW, can you please specify the sound issue, so I can edit pcgamingwiki page.

(Nagromme) #4

Thanks! I do recall being decent with the drones… but there’s a time they’re appropriate and a time they’re not!

P.S. I know there’s a type of mine you shouldn’t put on the objective, but all my old ETQW strategy bookmarks are dead now. I’m 85% sure it’s proxy mines = bad, tripline mines = OK. Right…?

Yes, on one (but not both) of my recent Macs there was no sound until I went to Voice in ETQW and choose an output option (such as internal speakers) from both dropdown lists. Then I clicked “Redetect Audio Devices.” Then, “Apply,” and the sound was fixed.

If I had to guess why the problem only happens on some machines: it may result if you copy your settings from one Mac to another, and the two happen to handle audio output differently behind the scenes? I would guess that a fresh install would be fine, but I like to keep my settings.

(The other issue obviously is that modern Macs have no internal DVD drive, but an external DVD is cheap, barring other workarounds.)

(CaliberWorkz) #5

Rocket launchers and grenade launchers only. really boring and frustrating

(REA987) #6

Well, I haven’t encountered grenade launchers a lot but rocket launchers are surely popular. I don’t believe the players are to blame here; Splash Damage’s tendency to makes players bullet sponge causes that. ETQW might be the most extreme example of that; killing an enemy would take more than half magazine most of the times; considering that Strogg can heal themselves without needing Technician, using rocket launchers for quick kills is a sound idea.

(CaliberWorkz) #7

Most of the Engineers\Constructors nowadays just throw proxy mines on the floor in the objective, (because they haven’t yet discovered the tripmine!) resulting in a huge amount of team kills and lost games, you can’t stop this epidemic no matter how hard you try because most of them are illiterate or just bots who never talk… please don’t be one of them :mad: :smiley:

(CaliberWorkz) #8

I agree, just saying that playing against 7 GDF rocket launchers (happened a few days ago) is not my cup of tea :wink:

(SkyBlues) #9

Make etqw great again …:rolleyes:

(REA987) #10

That might help you;

I guess that is a mirror of now defunct community site of ETQW.

(Nagromme) #11

Nice! Thanks for the link. Great refresher.

I’ll try to keep proxies out of my teammates’ way :slight_smile:

And if I put a plasma charge on the MPC, I’ll warn my teammates as the timer gets close…

(CaliberWorkz) #12

Where are you man? come play with me sometimes :cool:

(_Megabyte) #13

If you’re playing with 6 good players in your team, play the same class, so they will know, what you’re doing. Don’t play medic/technician, because it’s crucial role in defence/offence.

(edxot) #14

you may get in a team where every enemy seems to have an aimbot (well, not all,because some wont care to try to kill you).
or you may get in the team where it’s your turn to have the aimbot (really, no joke).

so, don’t need to be afraid to ruin the game for others.

and btw, “the greatest game of all time”, it’s just a memory in your head, get over it.