Back into the groove

(tOpFoXtRoT) #1

Hola guys, I’m glad to see that the JESUS server is active, alive and kicking. I’ve been in possession of this game for a hella long time but back then I didn’t have a PC strong enough to run it (only played it a few times using a friend’s machine back in the days) and when I did, years later, I kinda forgot I had this game in my collection still. Which is kinda shameful, considering how hyped I was prior to its release (even though I knew my toaster couldn’t have run it, LOL).

Some days ago I found my copy by pure chance and said what the hell, I’ll try it out again. Hopped online and found a good amount of people playing on JESUS. Immediately rediscovered how awesome the game is, even though obviously I’m a noob compared to you guys, I die a lot etc. Hella rusty.
Some of you folks might already met me online, I’m OrangeFoxITA in the game. Unfortunately due to university I can’t hop into the action every day but it’s still cool to know that when I do, I can find a populated server to play on. Cheers and good fraggin’ to y’all.

(REA987) #2

Yeah, same happened to me a year ago; found the game out of nowhere, still playing. :slight_smile: Jesus and BBA servers are full at peak time of their timezones. You may join EU and NA servers of TAW on Sunday and Tuesday nights for clan games.