Are you on discord?

(Domagoj) #1

Hello guys,

since the xfire died few years ago, and steam hasnt been used to much by ET gamers, I’m making this thread maybe to share each other discord username’s and to add each other on it. All that in hope that we might grow as a community there and maybe sometimes play together ET. I remember on xfire used to have over 300-400 people that played ET and always was nice to chat with them and play ofc.

I hope we can get back to that again!

You can freely add me on my discord: AxE|dookie#5377

Share you your usernames so I can add you also, maybe we can meet in game sometimes!

Cheers! :smiley:

(stealth6) #2

There is an ET:Legacy discord channel so there are some people using it.

(KeMoN) #3

Like stealth said, there is a Legacy Discord, but the discussion is not limited to the Legacy client. We would love to have you.
Here’s the link.

My personal username is kemon#3871

If some of you should prefer IRC over Discord, there is a functional bridge between our Discord and our IRC, so you don’t miss anything. Here’s the link to IRC

If you want a separate text+voice channel on the Legacy Discord for a clan, I’d be happy to accommodate. The discussion topics are already revolving around everything ET and not only Legacy, so it could be nice to also make it a home for clans. Worth a try anyway