Anyway to play this in 2014??

(DSVirus) #21

My old machine runs Windows 7 64bit professional as does my new one. Both use Avast Antivirus. I’ve disabled Avast and disabled the windows firewall. The first time I installed the game on this current computer, I updated it with the downloaded patch. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it connected to idsoftware on it’s own to patch itself, but still will not connect online to login, create new, recover forgotten. : /

(Snotling) #22

The issue does not come from the game’s update, but from PunkBuster’s update as far as I know. I experienced the account unretrievable’s bug and updating PB fixed it. Your game won’t do it on its own since PB does not support ETQW anymore, you have to look for the latest PB patch, download it, install it on your computer by putting it in place of your old PB files. Then you should be able to log in and retrieve your account.

(retsy) #23

many veterans still alive and kicking in game :stuck_out_tongue: