Anyone got new cool lookin ranked skins yet?

(llSquishyll) #1

Show me what you got!

(Ptiloui) #2

Just bought that Fragger for 2k ranked points with those i spared from last season.

(Wintergreen) #3

Didn’t they say we’d be given 1k ranked points to start this season if we participated in the last one? Or was that just the end-of-season reward we get? Regardless, don’t have one yet. I’m going to save for the Fragger too because I don’t like the purple.

(OwynTyler) #4

Rainbow has finity colors you know, what would they do when they run out of colors?

(ImSploosh) #5

Got a Skyhammer out of a case that dropped at the end of the match. That’s the first time that has happened to me. :smiley:

(TheFluffyOne) #6

Although purple is my favourite color, I am slightly disappointed by these skins. But that’s personal taste, so who cares.

(Melinder) #7

Yea I won’t be buying any this season. Just the M4 Fragger.

(Cletus_VanDamme) #8

Yeah I’m a dumb fuck bought a sugar water purple case only to get the 5th Turtle SE card that I’ll never use.

Saving for the M4 Fragger as well.

(auwi) #9

Got this from saved up RP

(Wintergreen) #10

Yeah, I think these ones look awful too but I know a lot of people will be excited for them. Was holding out until I saw some other mercs with them. Red or orange would have been nice for a Halloween/fall theme. I think Sparks, Aura, and maybe Kira are the only ones that’ll look good with this skin.

(DB Genome editor) #11

With the level of enthusiasm I’m seeing here, I’m guessing it’s going to be a painful process to gather up all the skin previews for the DB Genome… :confused:

@auwi any chance you could drop me an enemy version of that Proxy? Would be appreciated.

(nokiII) #12


(DB Genome editor) #13

Thanks @nokiII !

(HammerOfDawn21) #14

@Djiesse incase you don’t have Phoenix yet

(Xenithos) #15

@llSquishyll said:
Show me what you got!
Off topic, (currently have nothing so it’s not like I can contribute yet) but your profile picture is seriously unnerving to me, where is it from? Feel free to pm me the answer if that helps.

(Your worst knifemare.) #16

Guess I don’t need that obsidian.

And the enemy version for any random skin collector who comes around.

! I’m angry! I was expecting Sparps because thats what my lying 8-ball told me.

(DB Genome editor) #17

@HammerOfDawn21 @Lord_Coctus thanks!

I’m 70% there, still missing:

  • Aimee
  • Aura
  • Arty
  • Bushwhacker
  • Fletcher
  • Nader
  • Phantom
  • Redeye
  • Sparks
  • Stoker
  • Turtle
  • Vassili

(Mc1412013) #18

@Djiesse i have redeye and fletcher(i think) thougj o forgot what resution u needed

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #19


(auwi) #20

Got some Aimee @Djiesse