Anyone from RtCW or Enemy Territory??

(Corpse) #1

Hey guys new player. I go by Corpse… I didnt realize i had a beta key sitting in my email from last year untill now… lol…
Just wondering if anyone has a background in rtcw or wolf et?

(Nail) #2

some of us

(MarSouls) #3

wolf et veteran here

(Rehoma) #4

Right with you!

(Corpse) #5

Rtcw not too much et experience. I hear this game is much like both?

(Nail) #6

it has guns and revives and vsays

(Nail) #7

there’s plenty of gameplay on u tube, check it out

(Corpse) #8

Will do.

(Seoul_Seeker) #9

Wolf:ET and ET:QW, two of my favorite games.

(TitaniumTeddyBear) #10

Wolf:ET Field OPs veteran proudly reporting in.

Best multiplayer FPS ever made :slight_smile:

(Cinemator) #11

yeah, there’s a lot of dirty players who were obsessive RTCW/Wolf:ET players. The handle I mostly played under back then was Rastar. Welcome!

(sinKrin) #12

ET:QW. One of my favourite FPS games of all time :smiley:

(Ceres) #13

Yes. Around 80% of us

(Nail) #14

I’m thinking closer to 50%

(yakcyll) #15

Still a high number… proves how much we’ve been waiting for a successor to something that nothing else so far has succeeded to replace.

(Smoshi) #16

Yep. About 10 year ET vet here.

(Chirs) #17

Yeah, Wolf ET. In clan terms, I played in the Savage Leagues for awhile (Div 2 and promoted to Div 1) for the awesome guys at Clan Grievous Angels. Haven’t played for a long while (I have family now).

(goldBracket) #18

Im pretty new to clan stuff but I’ve five years of fun behind me as I was fagging around as lonely “wolf” in ET.

(potty1) #19

@Smoshi what ever happened to “ib!”?

(Fussak) #20

RtcW, WolfET, ETQW player :slight_smile: all of those I played comp :slight_smile: Right now waiting for key and playing ET in meanwhile.