Another question about Goldrush

(vargatom) #1

I would like to know what triggering in Goldrush script returned or dropped script?

(ryven) #2

This is triggered within the game automatically, when one of many conditions are met.

(vargatom) #3

Thanks for your help!

In my case, the axis team steals the gold bars. How to refer to events in the map script and in game_manager or in other else?

(ryven) #4

You have to put the right ctf entity: in your case gold belongs to allies, so it should be team_CTF_blueflag, in the entity window you should add scriptname like goldCrate or something on your taste, then in your script you can refer to the entity and its events by its scriptname

[B]goldCrate[/B] {
    trigger [B]stolen[/B]
    trigger [B]returned[/B]
    trigger [B]dropped[/B]

just like in goldrush script.

In the game_manager trigger event allied_object_stolen is also fired automatically once the objective is stolen by axis. allied_object_returned will run once the objective is returned. axis_object_dropped if the object was dropped by axis. Handling stuff in game_manager is optional.
A little sample map that has all the basic stuff:

(vargatom) #5

Thanks! This works perfectly. There is only one thing to do now.
How do I block auto-generated text (
Axis have stolen the allied gold! Allies have returned the allied gold! )?

(ryven) #6

Oops, you can’t disable these :frowning: !