Animb2MD5anim & other tools

(GulBroz) #1

Hi there,

As requested by lakersforce, I re-uploaded the Animb2MD5anim tool I created 7 years ago (and that vanished from the web since…) - source code is provided.

On my ETQW dir, you can also find other tools I made for ETQW - they may be useful for someone:

[li]Modified Blender 3D (V2.45) (mainly support for long names), check the readme[/li][li]Modified Blender 3D (V2.48) (I - think - this is a port of the modifications from V2.45 to V2.48), check the readme[/li][li]Out Of Bonds (OOB) manager & terrain scripts (works only with Blender above)[/li][li]OOB Manager documentation[/li][li]How to create OOB from playground[/li][/ul]


Edit 20150625: As there is still people interesting by this, I bring them back from the dead once again… :cool:

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Ooh, haven’t seen you around in ages!

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huh, the OP disappeared? Badman??

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The post was automatically moderated by the forum software, as it should have been (blame the spammers.) I approved it this morning, but it seems to have gone AWOL. I can’t fix it with my puny powers, so it’ll need some badman lovin’.

(Nail) #6

till then, there’s always this link:

(badman) #7

Everything unbroken now? :smiley:

(light_sh4v0r) #8

Looks good, cheers :slight_smile:

(Ananda108) #9

Please upload the file again…

(GulBroz) #10

It seems I am a few weeks late… :smiley:

Anyway, I updated the links in first post - this time I hope it is for good… (Google is not supposed to remove the files, even if they’re not downloaded…)

I also added another version of Blender (V2.48) I found on my drive… I’m not sure what’s in it, but I’m guessing that’s all my modifications to V2.45 ported to V2.48… so all explanation & tutos in docs should work with it (if not, go back to V2.45 - that’s the one I used while writing doc, so I’m sure it’s ok)


(Assassin4004) #11

Does anyone have this animb2md5anim tool made by GulBroz. It may help me with getting animations to work correctly. I would appreciate it very much! Thanks in advance!


(Runeforce) #12

Unfortunately I found that I do not have a backup around (or if I do, I misplaced it and can’t find it.)

I think you have to do some detective work and actually find the author Gulbroz somewhere else, as he’s not active around here.

(maggol) #13

AniMB file

The Source Code

Just found it after searching my HDD

(Assassin4004) #14

Thanks a lot maggol!

I really appreciate you taking the time to look! Hopefully this will help me understand animations better.