Animated Collision Mesh

(Assassin4004) #1

Over the past week I have been trying to get animated models to work that have a collision box that translates/rotates according to the animated model. I can not get a collision mesh/collision boxes for an animated model to work.

The collision boxes for vehicles translate and rotate depending on the model, for example the anansi. I want to do the same except NOT for a vehicle. Vehicles have their own collision boxes made in the vehicle script file so this did not provide anything useful.

I also tried modeling a collision box and animating it with the custom animation/model. I created the collision box by texturing it with “textures/common/collision” and then animated it to follow my custom model. I exported both meshes and the mesh shows up fine except I can walk through the model.

I also tried adding a key to my entity which uses the idAnimated class:

Nothing has worked and I am desperately in need of some help/guidance. Any thoughts or individuals that I can contact would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!