AFK kick is just

(HadronZodiac) #1

Long story short -

18 seconds of afk is enough to warrant a full kick???
At the very least the devs could reward us the exp and credits we earned…
(it was an automatic kick, not manual)

(as it were the last 18 seconds of the game i checked the clock)

(DarkangelUK) #2

Don’t go AFK during a game/match/round


AFK kick was well over 18 seconds, at least last I remember. It seems to take over 30 seconds before it calls the kick, then after it feels like around 20 seconds before the player is automatically kicked if the vote doesn’t pass.
I think I remember it warning you in chat too, but idk.

Either way, giving rewards to afk players seems eh. I wouldn’t mind rewards for leaving casual matches early, but you shouldn’t be rewarding someone who doesn’t have the courtesy to just close their game instead of hogging a server slot for a minute

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #4

From what I know, it’s a good bit longer than that, but people are always hesitant to kick anyways. Not too big of a deal imo.

(Nail) #5

he’s upset he lost some credits and xp

(Meetrock) #6

You’re probably always at the bottom of the scoreboard. Try to grind up a lil bit and you’ll understand how it feels to get kicked when the match is nearly over.

(Terminal_6) #7

I saw you get kicked from the beginning of a game today. Are you doing something in the background?

((Pos2/3)) #8

No problem, we all hate 30s+ AFK player. They deserve no reward. Evenmore i hate potato that losing first spawn timing to def or bomb/repair something early at starting of the game.

(Teflon Love) #9

It possibly was 18 seconds in different minutes. He probably started texting/whatapping/youtubing/… at e.g. 12:34:00 and eventually got kicked at 12:36:18, which would be 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

I recommend to use the overly long times for loading and map picking to mess around with mobile phones.

(HadronZodiac) #10

Dont impliment a system that punishes players for being gone for less than 20 seconds :man_shrugging:

Thats not really the main point, kicking some one who wasnt even gone for more than half a minute is just obsurd

I dont think u read 2/3 of the main topic…

Nope, just playing

18 seconds left of match = gone for those 18 seconds = kicked = what did u just say im confused lol

(DarkangelUK) #11

I didn’t, SD did. I’d say most would admit it’s frustrating actually trying to get an afk player kicked, i’m actually impressed that it worked.

(Teflon Love) #12

Oh, I see. Are you sure it was an AFK kick? It’s common grief tactic to actively kick players a few seconds before the match ends. Though usually you must do something that annoys the other players enough, like playing Vassili or Phantom.


Idk, I’ve only seen this happen once in DB, and it was from someone who had been insulting everyone on mic for the entire match. Most people in pubs seem to just ignore vote kicks half the time, so passing a kick at all is pretty difficult, much less for a player who didn’t deserve it.

Maybe OP just disconnected instead? Most of my disconnects usually happen towards the end of a match

(DarkangelUK) #14

I forgot to say, that multi-quote was amazing, i’m proud of you! :smiley:

(HadronZodiac) #15

Facts haha, but imsure it was an auto kick as i came back at the last 2 seconds, no vote was initiated it just auto kicked me


(SM83 Power Operative ) #16

And players who switch to spectator just for the sake of hogging a lobby slot deserve the death penalty. Vote for me and I’ll make it law.


Sounds more like you got disconnected tbh. Disconnects do the same thing, booting you to the menu with no warning

(RectalTerror) #18

AFK kick is indeed shit, but because AFK kicks never pass, because 1. noobs don’t know how to vote, 2. it’s not obvious enough that the vote is about an AFK, you have to read the fineprint.

Thus, AFKs keep ruining matches because they don’t get kicked. Why is there even a vote, while every other game (including past SD games) has autokick?

If I remember correctly, even Enemy Territory had autokick, while 1 less player in a team of 20 was much much less game-changing.

(Smooth) #19

On default servers, a vote to kick idle players takes place after 40s of idling.

A player won’t be automatically kicked until they have been idle for 90s.

We allow community server admins to changes these values to whatever they see fit :slight_smile:


Imagine changing the auto kick time to 1 second or even less, that would be an awesome gamemode lol

DB does have autokick, it just takes a while to occur. What would be better is changing the “vote to kick this afk player” into a “vote not to kick this afk player”. This helps get around new players who don’t know what a vote kick is, but still lets people choose not to kick that player if they know they’re just dealing with something.