AFK kick is just

(Your worst knifemare.) #21

Gets kicked for sneezing

(Nail) #22

would likely stop people complaining about snipers :sunglasses:

(RectalTerror) #23

yeah, good idea
(it still lengthens the afk kick by the time of the vote, though)

(RectalTerror) #24

joke aside, an auto-DEATH after 1 sec inactivity mode would probably be fun

(HadronZodiac) #25

I approve of this

(although waiting for someone would be annoying)


Not really just strafe side to side. I usually do that anyways, never know when vassili is watching

(Xenithos) #27

I know I’m 6 days late but your response here made my day.

Allowing community server admins to change these values is insightful. I’m tempted to buy a server and set it to 1 second and 5 seconds for full kick to see some trololol.

(kopyright) #28