a server modified my client without my permission how do i prevent this >?

(mikeloeven) #1

i noticed that some servers will modify your client without your permission adding server links and other usless information to the main menu. how do i prevent servers from messing with the base client at this level or undo the changes made

(macbeth) #2

just you have to delete the pk3 you got when you joined this server

this is not fair at all to force the guys to back on their server : we are FREE to play where we want :stuck_out_tongue:

(ailmanki) #3

You can try this tool Clean ET:

I guess the downside with that tool is, that you need to define the server infos …

For making it manually:
The cvar cl_allowdownload sets if your client downloads missing pk3’s or not. If its disabled you cannot join a server with pk3’s you do not have. Basically it prevents any server from modifying your client. So if you want to join a server, you would need to manually download all necessary files.
Thats why I would not recommend disabling that.

Then if you use a version prior to 2.60b you have a security problem, which allows any Server admin to run malicious code on your machine - though till now this is more theory, seems it has not happened yet.

So basically you cannot do anything to prevent servers from cluttering your etmain and mod folders.
Instead of preventing them, you can to create a copy of (a clean) etmain, for example miketmain … then start ET with the parameter +fs_game miketmain. This will then will first load the pk3’s from etmain. Then it loads miketmain with the original files, which contains the original menu - this again will overwrite changes from etmain. So with that shortcut you should always get a clean ET when started.

(Destroy666) #4

I made a simple tutorial:

You don’t need to mess with any cvar or application after following it, it will make your menu clean for ever (unless you delete the file).

(cheesy) #5

here ya go mike, if you are not in a clan, and never want your menus changed, use the below…


There is a 64bit version also.