Dirty Bomb   Trading Post

Looking for Alice Skins (1)
WT a Gold Pristine KMA K121 for a Cobalt Pristine KMA M4A1 (4)
Buying KMA Overdrive Refined or Above (1)
Looking to trade for a cobalt kukri skin (1)
Pristine gold fel-ix (3)
LF Hollunds 880 skins and a gold scale Fel-IX (4)
FT : cobalt katana (1)
FT: My soul LF: True love, Happiness, world supremacy (1)
TradeCenter (for me at least) (3)
FT: Pristine Silver SMG 9 Legion (From New Case) LF: Other Silver Pristine, 3 Pristine Bronzes, or a Gold of any wear (1)
FT : cobalt katana (3)
FT: Dragon Hollunds; Worn LF: something(s) really worthwhile (1)