LF Hollunds 880 skins and a gold scale Fel-IX

(V E G A) #1

I got:
gold axe, bronze axe, beckhill batoons and ulu, sliver beackhill.

corsec: timik prestine and hoigat worn
KMA: smg9 scarred, kek-10 scared, hollunds scared and DE.50 standard
Alice: smjuth standard
royal force: hurstall 2k scarred, ahnuhld-12 scarred
aquila: none
nuclear winter: M4A1 and smg 9
Contrabanned: timik

(ThePigVomit) #2

I"ve got a standard fel-ix for the selbstant.


(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #3

I got a scarred Viridis Felix, worn Gold Scale Felix, and worn and pristine KMA Hollunds…would want the Contra timik but I don’t think it’s tradeable yet.

(V E G A) #4

Mr. cuddlesworth, can you plz send me your steam profile for further discussion?