Your least used primaries?

(TheStrangerous) #1

Lots of things have happened to weapon balance recently. How about we have talk, and maybe possible solution to our problem? Regarding our least used primaries.

I’ll start.
I don’t get LMGs… No matter how much I try either with Fragger or Thunder’s LMG (I’m slightly, just by a hair, better with Thunder’s LMG), I always feel like going back to other automatic AR’s. No clue whether I suck at them, or they are underpowered…

(Guziol) #2

hochfir, mk46 ( i actually like the fragger’s lmg and use it from time to time ), smg9 ( i really want to like it but god damn it needs some buffs ) and post patch grandeur.

(watsyurdeal) #3

LMG’s, mainly cause the bullet spread is a little random, and there’s not enough ammo to use it like a mobile mounted machine gun.

Shotguns as well, cause I like to keep my distance and hipfire from medium range, hence why the Grandeur is my baby, no matter how they nerf it.

(GatoCommodore) #4

BR-16, K-121, SHAR-C, MOA

(SM83 Power Operative ) #5

I enjoy using the MK and K-121 every now and then, but yeah they’re among my least used for sure. Overall, my least used are the bolt-action snipers, the Remburg, and the Hochfir.

Most used are the SMG-9 and AK by far, followed by the BR and M4. Crotzni and Dreiss are crawling back up to the top because I don’t use Stoker or Fragger as much as I have in the past and my M4 time is going down.

Side note: I seriously need to improve with the Stark/AUG. I’m nowhere near as consistent with it compared to my others with similar amounts of time used. No excuses.

(znuund) #6

revivr > *

(BlackboltLW) #7

SMG-9 because I prefer the Crotzni, Hollunds and PDP because I simply don’t like it

(Drac0rion) #8

Instead of least used, I’d list some of the guns I prefer to avoid when there are other options available.

Both burst rifles since their buff. Only cause they feel too efficient and easy to use compared to the rest of the guns.

For SMG’s, Hochfir and Blishlok, only cause of comfort zone and those two feel the most different.

And then LMG’s. The only real reason I don’t use them is their ammo. It’s an LMG for crying out loud and I start with two magazines?

If I pick a LMG, I want to just keep shooting. Even in the army, when I was often a LMG assistant I had to carry a ridiculous amount of ammo compared to just my AR gear.
I mean 3x20 rounds for my AR + 400 for the LMG and the LMG guy would always carry 200 rounds himself. That was about the minimum ammo we’d run with for a live fire exercise.
On top of that we were pretty tiny guys running around with all that weight compared to what was considered standard.

In the game I’d like to see the K-121 start with 55x3 for ammo and max ammo at 55x5.
For MK46 that would be 85x3 starting ammo and 85x5 for max.
For guys as big as Fragger and Thunder, running around with that kind of max ammo would be completely fine.

(TheStrangerous) #9

@Drac0rion said:

And then LMG’s. The only real reason I don’t use them is their ammo. It’s an LMG for crying out loud and I start with two magazines?

How ironic Javelin doesn’t have one, considering her ammo belt…

(Your worst knifemare.) #10

Moa, Hochfir, Blish, M4

(Kirays) #11

My least used primaries that are worth mentioning are the MK46 followed by the Kek-10. Not because I dislike those but rather because I never really bothered playing the according mercs. The K-121 on the other hand I absolutely adore since I started playing it and while the long reloading can catch you off guard at times (hence drilled is a must have in my eyes) its potential in terms of damage output is amazing.

(Ptiloui) #12

Any shotgun (except the Anhuld-12 because Fletcher), Grandeur (because… well, i think everybody knows why), and the Kek10 (I prefer the Crotzni or the Hochfir over it).

(Sorotia) #13

The Sniper rifles easy…I suck at sniping and almost always the only time I play them is if the other team is doing so bad I can afford to suck. The hollunds is down there too

The newest Rifles because well they’re new…

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #14

Grandeur, PDP, and SMG-9

(Greehn) #15

Shotguns and snipers.

(frostyvampire) #16

Hochfir, Blishlok, both LMG’s and PDP

Hochfir is pure aids, Blishlok sucks, PDP is for noobs, LMG’s: I just prefer rifles

(LifeupOmega) #17

Snipers in general cause sniping is for players who don’t want to actually have a gun fight, which goes against DB’s design. If I wanted low ttk I’d be playing CoD or BF or any other military sim.

(CombatMist) #18

Snipers, LMG, Shot funs. I mostly use AR (auto + burst) and SMG (not blish). I dont own or play sniper. LMG are terrible at distance. Can only tap fire them to keep any accuracy so might as well have any other AR at that point.

(ThunderZsolt) #19

Snipers, followed by shotguns (sometimes use the Hollound, but only that one)

I’m excited about the shotgun rework, if they will have decent range/accuracy, I might try them again.

(bgyoshi) #20

I pretty much only use sniper rifles these days because “real” tracking gun fights are boring and it’s much more fun and intense trying to quickscope a Hochfir that’s in your face.

But in the times I need to tune up my tracking, you can guarantee I’ll never use BLSHLOK or whatever Sparks’ default primary is… because that sucks, and blishlok is just an autosniper and removes all fun from the game. I like putting effort into my headshots instead of getting them for free

Ahnuld is by far my least used shotgun because I don’t play the only 2 mercs that have it.

PDP was once my least used sniper because it’s trash, but the huge nerf to bolt action rifles and making the Grandeur literally unusable brought me to using it. Nowadays Grandeur is my least used sniper. If the MOA could kill Fraggers again, or the FEL-IX wasn’t so horrendously slow, I’d put the PDP right back in the garbage post haste. But for now, a headshot and 2 bodies on Fraggers and Thunders is way faster than trying to land a head and a body with the MOA. Most of the time those mercs are long gone behind a corner before you can fire a bolt action again.