YOu want feedback? RANT TIME BABY

(Mablade3) #1

Hi I am Mablade3 I have been playin DB for 1 year now but only recently got really into and I loved watching this youtuber Known as ShinyWindow. From wat I can tell u guys killed his channel. WHY MAN. He was the best DB youtuber and u guys killed him off wtf. I don’t care about getting my dead forums getting banned. I could no s at this moment in time. WAT IS UR DEAL. I know that u guys have been making content left right and centre but why kill the people that make the content even more fun. People who aren’t just boring and just talking over a microphone and making it boring like cadgamings or devower or snipergirl (Don’t get me wrong they are good youtubers but they are just talking and not doing anything fun with their voices, good ideas but voice poorly executes it) Shiny was so good but u guys killed off. WAS IT BECAUSE HE WAS GAY?(I am not gay myself but I know gay people and they are good people) Enough with the NDA bull already and bring him back. His humor was getting popular again and it would help him and the game out when u guys had ur gamescom spot. SO WHY THE **** DID U KILL HIM?

(DarkangelUK) #2

He’s the one that decided to kill his channel, not SD.

(adetonian) #3

Guess the window is closed now.

(Melinder) #4

> Gets a kill
> Laughs
> Repeat 50 times
> Upload

Pure comedy.

(UnaSalusVictus) #5

prob quit because the games devs remove both execution fully, and objective outside match making, and thats limited to 6vs6, with a nice 12-15min wait per match…(my exp with 28 mm’s so far, never less then 12min…) no choice of map, no choice to run another map because, the last match was great/good…

also alot of people are salty claiming jav is p2w as if i didnt buy her and craft every card for her in silver using credits i earned in game…Eyeroll the pay loadouts didnt even look that good to me…

alot of people i know who use to love this game dont play anymore of dont play much anymore, because, it gets old joining server after server just to join into a rape, then have the server empty out forcing you to hunt for another and hope the games not a total rape fest… the mm system…blows…(love the idea of having it as an option at first giving extra rewards for using it rather then removing 7v7 and 8v8 servers would have seemed like a better method to get people to use it and help improve it… at least to me…because, alot of us LOVE 7vs7 or 8vs8(and would love to see higher player count servers as an option, because, chaos can be alot of fun, also personally i find larger player count servers lead to less domination by one really skilled player or hacker, since there are more chances to take them out/distract them/etc…

i love what db was, and what it could be again but, i cannot blame the people i know who removed it, or refuse to play till they “fix their ****” meaning, get the team balance sorted, since, honestly, yeah the mercs need balancing but thats a never ending process, even jav isnt as op as many complain she is…shes strong but…she jumps like her panties are made of concrete coated lead a foot think…just ugg, she dosnt move all that quick, etc…and the damn missle can be shot down with a damn pistol…1 round…(done it myself…) people enlarge dont realize they can do that i have discovered, many dont knwo you can set the missle to guided mode either and accuse me of hax when i curve the missle :stuck_out_tongue:

im guessing he got fed up with the ****, decided to just walk away… cannot blame him one bit, even some high level old names have mentioned how sick of it they are…bapman complained about it for 12+min the other night as the team he joined into camped inside the attackers spawn on term literl spawn raping us… quite a few other people i have had on my FL for this game for years now… just dont enjoy the mess that is the shuffle system, lack of auto balance/shuffle, etc…even if they do enjoy the game when you get a decently balanced match…its just to rare now days… not even 10% of matches are really good hard fights for both teams…most are just…dry anal rape with fresh ground glass for lube…(ask if this sounds right in game, you will find people enlarge agree…)

(Nail) #6

you got a point bud ?