Xbox Doom 3 ROE

(SyzygyR) #1

First off I wanna say that the 5 levels that came with the original D3 are awesome, great job to all involved. Why were the multiplayer maps in Ressurection of Evil made by another company? They are HORRIBLE. Anyways I just wanted to say thanks for the 5 awesome maps.

Frag Chamber 4 Life!

(cdef797) #2

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(kamrinjacobs) #4

Doom 3 has come and gone, hit the Xbox market like a bat out of Hell, and now everyone is sitting in their seats either bored out of their wits with the game, or left wanting more. The earlier of the two won’t really care, but if you fall into the second category, then you’ll be happy to hear that Resurrection of Evil packs a good punch for your buck. The expansion to the popular FPS offers up a brand new campaign with new enemies, more varied environments, and better multiplayer than the original title. So, will it live up to your expectations?