Worst forum design ever?

(J3ster) #1

Would you kindly direct me to where I can find a search field on this picture?

Thank you.

P.S. Nice previewfeature, btw.

P.P.S. Firefox 56.0 64-bit

(Kirays) #2

The search bar is only there when you are viewing a thread.
Why that is the case? I don’t know.

(binderr) #3

I was confused at this too, search bar should really in sub forums, like…GENERAL CHAT etc, buts its not! laziness maybe!

(Merrynator) #4

+1 for not finding the search bar.

Would be a welcome addition so that one could check whetever a discussion already exists if you are making a new discussion. Would help with double posting.

(Kirays) #5

It existed until a certain point so I assume it’s a bug.