Wolfenstein music

(ronboy) #1

I know Wolfenstein (2009) wasn’t a hit, but I was wondering if I could somehow get some of the music soundtracks/sound effects. I’ve used content from other games in my maps, and other mappers have did it as well. Everything is packed in the pk4 files, but I can’t open the pk4 files. In my opinion, rtcw SP has plenty of sounds to choose from, but there’s not enough music. Does anyone know how to view the contents of a pk4 file? I’ve googled it btw, and there aren’t any helpful websites.

(Eugeny) #2

PK4 - zip archive.

(ronboy) #3

Are you saying I can use jzip or winzip to open a pk4 file?

(Nail) #4

Remember, it’s illegal to use game assets without permission

(Eugeny) #5

As the alternative, is archiver WinRar. Is able to unpack rar, zip, 7-zip, cab, etc. some formats. Also he is able to create itself zip archives.

As far as I know music in Wolfenstein 2009 is not packed in pk4 archives, and stored in other files.

(Berzerkr) #6

Wolfenstein SPK & MPK Extractor v0.2

(ronboy) #7

Thanks Berzerkr. :stroggbanana:

(vicpas) #8

Hello Ronboy.
Not advisable to use files from other games as reminded Nail above.

(ronboy) #9

[QUOTE=vicpas;230575]Hello Ronboy.
Not advisable to use files from other games as reminded Nail above.[/QUOTE]

I don’t get it. Other authors such as Vladimir Vovstein have used content from other games. Besides, I am not making money from the content. Nor do I claim the content as my own.

(Nail) #10

It is illegal to use any game assets without permission, it doesn’t matter if others do it, it’s illegal. Nothing stopping you from asking permission though.

(ronboy) #11

Where can I ask them permission?

(Nail) #12

id Software/Zeni Max or Activision, I’m not sure who owns the assets now

(ronboy) #13

I’m pretty sure id software owns Wolfenstein. Activision published the game (I think). What’s id software’s email?
EDIT: I don’t think id software has an email. I can’t find it, even on id software’s website. Raven Software was also working on Wolfenstein SP, so maybe I could email them.

(kat) #14

You should email Raven as they were the ones that did SP. You won’t get permission to do this though as Raven themselves will likely only have distribution rights for within Wolf as the music itself was composed by Bill Brown who got commissioned for the job for both RtCW and Wolfenstein.

And yes, it’s illegal to rip material from one game and distribute it with another as Nail said.

(ronboy) #15

I guess I’m screwed then. Although Wolf 09 was a crappy game anyway.

(Nail) #16

Bill Brown music available here:

(ronboy) #17

Do I give Bill credit, or email him asking for permission?

(Nail) #18

for his downloadable stuff, a credit would be proper

(ronboy) #19

Let me get this straight. I can use the Wolf 09 music as long as I give him credit.

(Nail) #20

nope, you can use the downloadable stuff from his site with a credit, I didn’t see any wolfenstein stuff there other than RTCW intro