Wolfenstein Enemy Territory THE END?

(Wolf1337) #1

Hello dear Community,
Could you add Wolfenstein ET to Steam? The ETPro Scene and Communities are going to die, its the best FPS game ever. With steam we could reach more players, there will be more events and LANS if we get more players. Main communities are: crossfire(dot)nu, et.trackbase(dot)net, et.splatterladder(dot)com and fearless-assassins(dot)com.
We need your support please that the game wont die!! Or can you recreate W:ET for 2019 with better graphics and maps?? Or add it on steam! We would be very thankful if you support such an successful and amazing game! Happy new year! Regards, Daniel

(Wolf1337) #2

For Members: You can support by commenting here with Wolfenstein Enemy Territory! <3

(DarkangelUK) #3

Splash Damage don’t own W:ET so it’s not their decision, you’ll need to go speak to id software/bethesda about that.

(Wolf1337) #4

@DarkangelUK Thank you for your answer. Me and some other Players who want to revive / support W:ET mailed them and they gave a ■■■■ about our mails. Is it possible that Splashdamage can contact them? Or that Splashdamge can support with a Remake of ET?
There are already guys who are working for a remake with better graphics and so on… but they need some help … Its called ET Legacy
Donations would be no problem.

(DarkangelUK) #5

I highly doubt Splash Damage would get themselves involved in that capacity, and they certainly wouldn’t create a remake off of their own backs, that’s just a legal nightmare waiting to happen.